4 years later…

It’s 2017. It has been a very long time since I posted here but the next couple of months should be interesting so I thought I would give it a shot. Plenty has happened, some of which I am sure I will forget and most of which will probably centre around sickness. Late last year we were very unfortunate to lose Barb to COPD. She had a long ongoing battle with her depression and her COPD and finally it got the best of her at the end of November. The funeral was a very emotional time, obviously, but it was really nice to see the huge outpouring of emotion and love that she had created while she was alive. Nicole took it very well it has to be said, I mean you can never prepare yourself for losing your parents but she is a very strong person and I think she dealt with it, her Dad and all the arrangements that came with the funeral in her usual ruthlessly efficient manner. It’s hard to say how Elyse felt about it, she obviously was most upset to see Nicole and me upset and in a way I hope that the ceremony, as beautiful of a day as it was will fade from her memory and be replaced by thoughts of the times she spent in Cobourg with Nana and Poppa. As for Elyse herself she is 6 and starting to lose her teeth, with 2 gone so far and a quizzical question as to why the tooth fairy left her a note the first time and nothing the second time… She is growing like crazy, already passing the 4 foot mark and catching up to Nicole in a hurry.

As for me work at the hospital is sadly the same, the promise of the security job has been lingering for almost a year now, and hopefully will come to fruition in the very near future but I am not holding my breath. As for gymnastics, I am now the coach of the provincial girls group at Evolution, we are awaiting the rankings for the year to see how many of my girls made it to Championships this year. We got several new kids from Jen who came to us from Tumble tots, however it has been recently made known that she has given in her notice and will be leaving after less than a year. Elyse is still doing gymnastics with coach mum and seems to hate the idea of it but love the time she spends doing it. Too much like me if you ask me. Lightning is still with us, he is a bit worse for wear, limps a bit and is generally behaving like a 16 year old cat would. Speaking of illness, Sarah the gym owner was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and is undergoing chemo and other various treatments to reign in her stage 4 status. Our fingers are crossed for her.

That is it for now, baby steps and I am sure lots more updates to come.

Niagara Weekend Fall 2011 – Not A Typo!

Yes we were back in Niagara again during October, this time with my parents and Elyse. I have decided there is too much going on not to keep writing something and although I post to my fitness blog almost every day, my everyday life has no record and that is sad.

The trip to Niagara was fantastic, the weather held out OK, but the rain on thursday night was a disappointment. We took my parents to the other Brazilian Steak House Brassa and in comparison I have to say I liked Copacobana better. It had a livelier atmosphere and a much more varied selection. We stayed at the Doubletree again which is now our favourite Niagara destination and it didn’t disappoint. I spent the morning we left with Elyse in the pool and we both had a fun time jumping from the side into my arms. She is gettting so much bigger now, climbing onto things, pushing stuff around and basically interacting more with her environment. The weekend was a highlight of my parents being here including the trip across the border after the passport debacle.

Halloween 2011 – Bust

Yesterday started off like any other but after a visit to Occ Health to get our flu shots Nicole started feeling sick. I eventually had to take her home with a  38 degree fever and worked from home for the last couple of hours of my day. By the time I had got the baby, fed her, changed her and put her to bed Nicole had been sick in the baby bath by the bed and was in rough shape. Regardless of the house being completely dark, there were still hopeful kids knocking on the door as I snuck around the house in the dark, trying not to wake Elyse and spreading the smell of vomit throughout the three floors. It was not what I had envisioned for my halloween, but I am probably the only one who will remember this debacle in the end. Today is November, a lost month between Halloween and Christmas mostly known for Rememberance Poppies and Guy Fawkes Night. Here in North America though, it’s just a short breath of fresh air before the Christmas shopping season hits and the snow starts to fall.

White rabbits everyone.

Niagara Weekend Summer 2011

The Keg – Niagara Falls, Ontario

Spot the lobster...

It’s lobster summer which usually means an attempt to cover their insanely overpriced meals by adding lobster and giving them fancy names. However, nothing, even lobster, is going to soothe the sting of paying $45 for a plate of middle of the road restaurant food. The restaurant was packed, but we were seated quickly and our waitress was very attentive, friendly and happy to get 50% of our order right. Actually to be fair, she did put in the order correctly we can only assume that the kitchen messed up the thing. 2 of our 4 dinners were correct, but Nicole got a salad with no dressing (although she had asked for balsamic dressing which THEY DON’T HAVE!)  and another of our party got a baked potato with her sides nowhere to be found. The problem wasn’t only with the order being wrong, but also with the fact it took 10 minutes to get put right. As I rightly predicted, the manager apologized and offered to pay for desserts for the whole table which we gladly accepted. As far as the food goes, I had ordered the scallops wrapped in bacon followed by the steak topped with lobster seafood mix. Both dishes were acceptable, there was a total of 2 tiny claws of lobster on my lobster dish which was a total rip off but all in all the taste was good.

For dessert I had the cheesecake but in retrospect I wish I’d had the creme brulee. I don’t know about you, but for me the Keg gives me the same feeling every time, the food is good, just good enough that you don’t wan’t to complain about the price but once you leave you realize you just got ripped off. I’m not saying the quality is bad, it’s not, but the prices are all about 20% too high.

 Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours Niagara Falls Ontario

This was an amazing outing. About 45 mintues of the best laughs and thrills you can get while getting completely drenched in river water. Make sure that you plan on a warm day because even with the water being 80 degrees it was still chilly for some. The boat is a massive 3 engined 1500 HP beast that can do 360 degree turns and run level 5 rapids like they are nothing. We learned a bit about the area, the falls and the rapids themselves but the highlight is running downstream through the rapids as the boat scoops thousands of gallons of water over you. It was a great adventure, something I would recommend to anyone going to Niagara. It’ s only $60 per person so it’ s well worth the price, just remember a change of clothes!

Copacabana Brazilian Steak House Niagara Falls Ontario (Website down)

There are plenty of bad reviews for this place but we decided to go anyway since the lure of the place is too strong for a meat freak like me. The only real complaint I had is that the idiot woman who seated us complained that we couldn’t have the table instead of the booth since “everything” was reserved. Obviously she was not thrilled to have to work, didn’t care about us or the way she treated us and was basically your typical asshole twenty something stick insect who thinks the world owes her something because she thinks she is hot. Anyway, the place was pretty fun, loud and filled with good looking waiters and waitresses obviously catering to a younger crowd. The process is that you get some sides from the buffet area and wait for the meat guys to come around and cut meat off their giant skewers onto your plate. There are 17 different kinds of meat on offer and I think we tried them all. As long as you don’t expect a quiet restaurant to chat with friends and you don’t mind a fast paced and energetic vibe you should enjoy yourself here. The meat itself was, for the most part, very good. They have encrusted meats, cheese stuffed meats and good quality steaks on offer. The meat was, I have to admit, salty but not to the degree that it was offputting. The cheese stuffed prime rib was fantastic and I had at least 3 servings of bacon wrapped sirloin! I would definitely recommend that you go at least once, it’s very much like being on vacation in a tropical island, it’s loud, the wait staff are sometimes forgetful but always happy and the place itself is like a tiny getaway. I think we would try the one in Toronto to compare experiences but next time I will have to remember to 24 hour fast before hand. It did take me 2 days to get over the amount I ate, but that is a sign that we all had a great time!

Doubletree Hilton Niagara Falls Ontario

We have stayed here before and obviously since we returned we liked it enough! The room this time was a little bizarre and since we had 4 of us in one room utilizing the pull out couch for 2 of us it was a great experience. For the other 2 however, they were sleeping on a pullout that was barely a double and filled the extra room completely. There was only a single bathroom for all of us and the main room had fixed curtains that blocked the corner windows which I found bizarre. Last time was better, I have to admit, but this time was cheaper overall. I think for the future though it would be worth getting separate rooms. We had breakfast in the hotel on Sunday and once again the buffet was well stocked, had an omelette maker at their own station and the food was good quality, hot and well prepared.



MSN Live Messenger Error 8100030d – Fixed!

8100030d error msn messenger 2011 not working under windows 7


Every website I found has links to solutions that don’t work. The ONLY solution if you have cleared your cache and deleted your contacts folder is to download and install the 2009 version under windows 7.

This is the only way! However, good luck finding the 2009 version anywhere unless you have an old drive squirreled away somewhere that has the old installer. Luckily I did.


R5 Is Over – Exciting Times Ahead. Insanity:Asylum Finally Arrived!!


Done and Done!

Yesterday was the last day of the RKC Rite of Passage. It wasn’t the best heavy day I have ever done but it was a relief and a real sense of accomplishment to finish. Now at least I can pick and choose my KB workouts and throw a little spice in there.

Second, this morning I weighed in for Biggest Loser at work and won the month, not only that but I am now 239.8 which is a total of 52lbs down. Add that to the 39″ waist I discovered the other day and I am really hitting the marks here!

Third, and the really REALLY big news, Insanity:Asylum arrived last night!! I watched the fit test (or as Shaun prefers to call it: Athletic Performance Assessment) and it didn’t look super tough but I have already got an issue with the stuff they send you. The skip rope is terrible. Whoever decided to use a plastic rope instead of a leather or rope (go figure) is an idiot. So I will be going to Wallymart this afternoon to pick up a nice speed rope I saw there not too long ago. This means that today (time permitting) will be R6D1 – The IA Fit Test.

So the package included a crappy rope, an agility ladder (to put on the floor), the DVDs, a wall calendar and a couple of resistnace bands. The big deal for me at least is that the program is 30 days long but in their infinite wisdom, Beachbody have recognized that a lot of people who will be buying IA will have already done one or both of P90X and Insanity. Therefore they have put together another 2 30 day calendars, one integrating IA with P90X and one integrating IA with Insanity. Good call BB! Not only that, they will no doubt rope in the few renegades who may go straight to IA and squeeze some more BB$ out of them!

I am seriously looking forward to the Fit Test this evening before I go coaching. It is only about 25 minutes or so and I will be ready to start day 1 of IA tomorrow.

HOWEVER!!! I am going to try and dilute the 30 days of IA with some KB workouts, I am hoping to stretch it out to 60 days with the inclusion of some Crossfit / pullup workouts also. It’s not that I don’t think it will be hard enough, but I don’t want to lose my KB skill set or my pullups during the process. The biggest problem I had with Insanity was that there was no back work involved so I found myself doing extra chin ups when I could in order to get the balanced workout I wanted. Whatever I do, the day 1 workout will no doubt be a rude awakening as I move towards more mobility once again.