July 29. Sunday.

So I was going to jump back with some great big expansive recap of everything that has happened, but rather than try to fool you all by promising things I cannot possibly summon the energy for I shall just get brief and fill in the gaps later.

I am living with my girlfriend, Coley.
We just got back from a week in Cuba.
I have neglected all my friends, online and IRL not least of all Connie and Cynthia who called this morning and sent pangs of guilt through me just by paging me with her number. I returned the call and when I heard it was her I suddenly felt incredibly bad. It’s nothing to do with Coley, she has no problems with my having female friends, but rather that I have been so wrapped up with building a relationship and maintaining my work schedule that I have had no time to put into those external relationships. Of course, that is a crock, anyone can make time, but the theory is far easier to propogate than the reality.
I got a vacation time raise at work.
My weight went down to 209 but since vacation has ballooned back to 225.
Coley bought a new car, a 2001 Grand Am GT.

Maybe that’s all, maybe not. I bumped into 2 people from my past last week, so it would seem that my history is once again nudging me into my future, reminding me that stagnation is only a breath away from death itself.

Well.. I feel better, so I guess this is working!

See you.