Without a concrete record,
our past will forever be in doubt.


Thoughts on a Sunday

June 19. Sunday.

Up all night again… This time, Coley had a BBQ that she was going to in order to hook up with her longtime friend Hayley.

This was supposed to give me a whole night to myself, to hang out with friends and take it easy. However, not even before Cole left, I got paged into the office and was there the majority of the night. By the time I had finished with the Foundation server I rushed off to see Andrew as I had promised and literally had a few minutes and headed home. So much for relaxation, so here I am, bathed in the light glow of my monitor as cheesy infomercials play. It’s truly amazing what is on TV at 4:14am on a Sunday. Again I will try to make some sense of why it is that I am holding out…. except that this time it is the truth that I have been enjoying life too much with very little to complain about. As we all know, I seem to be at my best when I am complaining and therefore the site has sadly lacked input of late. I would say the only reason I am here today is because of how mad I was having missed my night to myself.

By comparison, my life is going unusually well, so I should probably get used to forcing myself to at the very least document the major developments in my life.

I would say one of the biggest developments in the last little while is the knowledge that Andrew, the network guy at Branson has decided to leave and go to England with his wife to work. This is very sad since Andrew is a great guy and will be sorely missed by me. However, it does lend itself to certain restructuring opportunities at work, mostly affecting me and my position of lone wolf turning team leader.

Going a little further back, Coley and I went to Cuba together, some pics and a write up are in the works, but for now I must say that I had a great time, a forced break from all things technical and the chance to sleep, sleep, sleep. Coley enjoyed herself, right from getting a passport, through to the new friends she has over email since our return. The weather was outstanding, but insanely hot. It was 92 in the shade by 10am the day we arrived and each night brought an electrical light show that filled the dark evening sky with majesty as the fingers of lightening caressed the cloud covered mountains. Like I said, photos and other stuff are on the way, so keep your eyes out.

Aren't we cute

Well, it has taken me a while to write just this, so I think it is time to head back to bed, although the Hungarian Grand Prix starts in just 2.5 hrs. Bah! Sleep then. G’night.