Silence is golden



June 12. Tuesday.

So why now? Why not? I guess it has just been long enough or maybe my restless fingers need to find their way back to the familiar posture on the keyboard so I can sort through some of the new happenings and ongoings in my life. Time to put digital pen to CRT paper and give myself a brief review of the past few months.

By Jonathan Cainer:

They say you can judge a person by the company they keep. What then can we conclude about you? What kind of people are you drawn to? What is it that you secretly seek in your relationships? Are you comfortable with what’s been happening in your love life lately and if not, is it your fault or someone else’s? Sorry to start with such confronting questions, but we might as well nail down the big issues and get them into a place where we can sort them out. Because, really, if you want to claim the full measure of emotional happiness that the sky insists you are entitled to in the coming year, you are going to have to tackle this sooner or later. In a nutshell, it all boils down to you and your sense of what you deserve. Pisceans are famous for their tendency to feel guilty. They don’t necessarily do this overtly in a way, for example, that Cancerians do. But inwardly people born under the sign often see themselves in the wrong even when they are definitely in the right. Worse still, you often find yourself feeling as if you are simply not a good enough person to accept all the rich rewards which life may offer you. You half suspect that you are supposed to suffer; when treated unfairly or unkindly in a relationship you figure it must be your fault and must be your lot in life. So you put up with far, far more than you should. But not any more. Not in 2001. The sky is determined to give you a taste of the joy, the fulfilment, the contentment and the true companionship that you have so long yearned to feel but have been unable, somehow, to experience. Maybe you’ll have to change the company you keep, maybe you’ll have to change a power dynamic within a relationship, for it’s not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with anyone you are now close to. It’s just that you need to be the one in control, the person who sets the standard, leads the way and calls the shots. And as the planets guide you over the next few months into becoming that person and playing that role, you’ll find it is not just other people who follow your direction. Fortune, too, will toe the line..

I was going to do a whole bit on how this is exactly how I have been feeling, why things are my responsibility, why the housecleaning is so necessary but I think all I really have to say is “Hey, it’s about freaking time!!”

So what to do next…