I have no hand…

George Costanza, Seinfeld

February 1. Thursday

Suddenly you just can’t tell. There is a time when you know what another person is thinking, you can tell how they feel and even what they are about to do. Then you outguess yourself, you lose the image in the pattern and suddenly nothing makes sense. It’s make or break time, is what it is. I firmly believe that when two people meet, there is a crescendo of emotion and a window of opportunity that opens which will enable them to begin what may develop into a relationship of sorts. If that time is missed, there may be others, but the likelihood is that the time for them has passed. It sometimes takes years to reach that point, others are instantly thrown into the mix with one another and forced to take what is thrust at them. I believe that I am standing at the brink of the opening of another window.

Is there an echo in here?