April 2002

2nd – Happy Birthday Fizzy!! Although terribly belated and incredibly understated, I hope you had a wonderful day. But stop getting older will you, since I have no choice but to follow!!

10th – Started attending some seminars at Expertsys, a great way for Bob and I to get out of the office for a few hours and learn about new technology. Of course, my boss questioned the validity of us both being there at the same time, but if I don’t lead him in the right direction, who will?

11th – The room behind my cubicle is getting a transformation from a meeting room to an office with 4 cubicles. Seriously, it is like a weird psychological experiment in there with perspex panels and dividers.. It is almost like you have wandered into some bizarre intra-office war zone and expect paperclip bombs to come flying over the ramparts…

20th – This is another one for the “Don’t Do This” section I fear… Today we climbed the CN Tower. 1700 odd steps to the top and we managed it in under 30 minutes… I was a little slower than Nicole, but that may only have been due to the low quality of my Corn Pops breakfast… However, we made it and I have to say we made it a great deal faster than many others… I had set a goal of 30 minutes and came in with about 56 seconds to spare. However, I sweated enough to create a medium sized puddle around me and lost the equivalent weight of a slightly malnourished jockey. I have to admit it was fun though, and we have said (with safe distance between now and then) that we would do it again next year. All in the name of the World Wildlife Fund!