Anyone able to understand you is
sure to love you. Pisces, as author
of the rules currently in use, can
change them at will. To quote a
Chinese proverb, ‘There is great
chaos under heaven, and the
situation is excellent.’

Pisces, March 12, 2002,

March 12, 2002. Tuesday

Invasion of the furry bastards

So my heart got the better of me and 3 weeks ago we went down to the Toronto Humane Society looking for prospective family members. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, the kind that makes you forget that winter still has you in it’s icy grip. The place was clean and well maintained, I had never been before so this was a pleasant surprise for me. We wandered into the dog area first, seeing some very large and angry dogs in cages, most of whom had the look af admission in their eyes that they were difficult to handle and unlikely ever to leave. We crossed over into the cat area, through all the fuzzy bunnies and the angry weasels (I guess angry is redundant there)

…and there they were, staring out like destiny herself had placed them in that very cage.

Parents always tell their kids that if you fall off your bike, you have to get right back on and persevere, but then again, bikes are not living beings that attach themselves with furry little paws to your heart and refuse to be forgotten. This was not going to be easy.