June 2002
11th – NYGH Golf Day at Cardinal Golf Course. Thanks Bob, we could have won the thing you know… Anyway, we came in 2nd I think at 8 under for the West Course which was the harder of the two. It was a scorcher of a day and may people decided after the first 5 hours that enough was enough. All in all it took us over 7 hours to finish the round. I skipped dinner so really the day was kind of a waste. I like the course, but 7 hours in the sun and to be too tired to stay for dinner kinda sucked if ya know what I mean!

15th – England 3 Sweden 0.
21st – England 1 Argentina 0.
I watched most of the games in the DI department of the Emergency waiting room at work. Bob and I would grab a coffee and a cookie and head down to catch the game since they mostly started at 7am here and were over before 9. Even if England had lost to Sweden and not made it through to the next round, the mere fact that we beat Argentina made the Cup worthwhile for me. I have been waiting 16 years since Maradona’s “Hand of God” incident to see justice done. I saw that game live at school in England, and I was privileged to see this one live in a Golden Griddle surrounded by friends before work one day. Finally, I can put away that bitter little bundle of anger along with the lingering distaste I have held for Beckham since he lost us the cup 4 years ago. You’re not in the clear yet you little shit, but at least now I wouldn’t rather see you tied to the goalpost by your bollocks.

19th – 25th Recorded weight at 248.

29th – We finally made it to Canada’s Wonderland this year too. It is a hoot and I am sorry that we haven’t had a chance to go more often, but at least this year we can say that we did it!! Pictures to come later

15 days in the gym this month. That probably explains the back and the weight.