May 2002

4th – Hospital Wide Downtime

5th – Thunder suddenly became sick, exhibiting the same symptoms that Shadow had shown before he died. This in itself was distressing enough, and caused both Nicole and I to search high and low for some environmental reason for these animals becoming sick. I thought that it could be the fiberglass insulation in the basement, maybe he had been playing in there. However, after much deliberation we came to the conclusion that like our vet said, this is just a very common ailment for cats. Of course, that did little to comfort us as we sat in the admitting area of an emergency clinic downtown waiting for the barrage of tests to come back. Ultimately, we found out that his heart ‘murmur’ is treatable with medication and since he was so young, that it is possible that he may make a full recovery. Writing this is hindsight is so much easier than it would have been at the time, simply because I know that at home sit 2 very healthy and active cats, one of whom is very happy to take his pill every morning and get his treat before running off and rolling around with his brother in the basement then careening up and down the stairs for an hour or so. His recovery was nothing short of miraculous and even the vet stated that he has never seen an animal recover so quickly and so completely. He then proceeded to have another heart attack and end up in our Emergency Room at the hospital, probably hoping that some of Thunder’s recovery ability rubbed off on him.

13th – Able to procure Petcare Pet insurance for both Thunder and Lightning. After the shock of Thunder being sick so young it was not clear if we would even be able to get coverage for him, however it seems that the process by which the cats are screened is solely at the discretion of the vet whose records, I can only assume, did not reflect Thunders condition at the time of the review. Good for us and good for him I say.

18th – Went to Vaughan Gymnastics Club to see Julia compete in a gym meet. I seem to recall it was very hot, Isabel and Mike were happy to see us and I got yelled at for walking across the end of the vault run-up… Other than that, it all seems like a fuzzy haze now.

26th – Back went out. This was the first time since October of 2001 that it has gone so I suppose it was due… I haven’t been at the gym as much as I should have been and I can only assume that is why it is acting up. Can’t recall exactly what I was doing, but I seem to remember I was at home doing nothing strenuous… Seems like that is the way it goes nowadays though. I wonder what my weight was when it happened.