You have taken some impressive steps lately
but one situation remains much as it was.
Understandably, this frustrates you.
Sooner than you think though,
there will be a rapid, radical improvement.

Pisces, October 21-29, 2002

September 21, 2002. Monday

Familiarity breeds contempt… or so they say

As strange as this may sound, sitting here in front of the computer waiting for waves of creative warmth to soothe my racing left brain I am overcome with a feeling of familiarity that has been absent for far too long. It was a game that I used to play as I sat in front of the blank screen, the thoughts would line up, neatly at first, then with the passing minutes with increasing unruliness. The delay was the process by which I would try to select a starting point, some neat and tidy sentence or quote with which I would begin my entry. however, as the ideas fell over one another they eventually would spill over the barricade, invading the cleanliness of my thought process and randomly wandering through the previously preserved arena… Of course, it was this breaking through that eventually became the starting point, I would purposefully wait an extra few minutes in front of the glowing screen just waiting until the ideas were ready to rampage, then let them free, picking and choosing the best and brightest as they flooded by. This, although far from what anyone would consider a “process” is the one thing I find myself fondly recalling as I sit here today for those feelings are back. Contempt, far from it. Familiarity, at least in my life, breeds the dawn of a new day.

So where to start? Well, let’s cover familiar ground for a beginning. I am once again topping the scale at a whopping 250lbs, but since we bought a fat % scale and I am stronger than I have been in years, I am not concerned. Nicole and I walk to Tim Hortons and back every morning which is about 2 miles and I am in the gym at least 5 times a week. However, the weight needs reducing and it is, as always, a slow process. I will be posting my weight and fat levels here somewhere I am sure, at least then I will leverage myself to keep an eye on it. Also, for the past few weeks there has been a steady webcam for people to peek at and as odd as it may sound, it has encouraged me to be more aware of my appearance than I would be otherwise. Whatever works, I suppose. Maybe that is why I agreed to try to get rid of the gray in my hair this past weekend. That in itself is another story.