You may also receive a telephone call where no one is on the other end.
It can be annoying and frightening.
These calls are often the result of something called “predictive dialing”.
Some telemarketing organizations use automatic dialers to place telephone calls or send faxes.
A “dead air” or “hang up” call will occur if a telemarketing representative
isn’t available when the call is answered.
Generally, companies allow sufficient time between calls for a representative to be available;
however, if the telemarketing representative is on another line
longer than expected, the result is “dead air”.

Telemarketing Factsheet


January 6. Monday.

Pain 8
Mobility 2

Although lacking any degree of clarity, I think that last entry appropriately captures the alarming speed with which life can turn around on you. I now spend my days on the couch recuperating, planning hardware projects and searching for bargains on Ebay. You can also tell that I am getting a little better since things other than my back are bothering me.

Telemarketers, specifically.


Did you do a search for the above number? If so, you are not alone. These people have been calling and hanging up (not an effective telemarketing method, FYI!) for weeks now and when I did a web search for them I was rewarded with the knowledge that they are in fact a telemarketing firm. If you call the number back they now have an answering machine which promises to remove you from their list. Right. I would recommend that you check out this page at the CRTC and take matters into your own hands.

However, I digress, as I wanted to point out a fact about my condition that is overlooked by most, myself included, but that is critical in any injury/recovery process. Imagine for a second the worst thing that someone could do to you within the realm of normality. By that I mean we are not talking about topics fit for Jerry Springer, but rather situations that everyday people would encounter. I have come to realize that the worst thing that you can do to another person within the confines of a relationship is risk your health. Be it refusing to go to the doctors office when you are obviously in need, or engaging in some activity that is damaging to yourself regardless of the consequences. There is nothing worse that seeing the person you love in pain. There is nothing quite like the feeling of powerlessness you experience when there is nothing that you can do to make things better. In addition, there is nothing that will inflame your anger and hostility more than the knowledge that the person is doing it to themselves.

So I need to apologize.

I can’t imagine anyone being as patient, as caring and as wonderful as Nicole has been through this episode. Not only that, but her patience throughout the past two years seeing me more often than not going from bad to worse all the while assuring her that it would be OK. I know I am not easy to argue with, that my flawless logic is crafted out of necessity rather than fact and that at times I can be stubborn. I also know that I must have caused her immeasurable heartache with my complaining, my bouts of gut wrenching pain where tears would flow freely down my face while I convinced myself that I knew what was best for me. Had I been in her position, I can’t say I would have been so patient or so forgiving. I remember how heart breaking it was to see her chipmunk cheeks after having her wisdom teeth out, her struggle to smile or even to open her mouth. It tore me up, and ever since I have had an overly protective feeling about her that I am sure at times is almost claustrophobic. However, Nicole and I are odd sorts, we spend 24/7 together and if we had the chance we would make it more. Our lives and psyches are so in tune with one another that sometimes it is hard to distinguish between our thought processes and even harder to try to conceal some truth or lie from one another. In fact, if you plug our birthdays in to a Biorhythm chart you will see that our cycles are almost identical, meaning our energies ebb and flow as one. All of this means only one thing, that any pain I am feeling will transpose itself onto her, and if you add that to the frustration of having to deal with an occasional stubborn ass then you end up with an emotional weight that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I have said it again and again that I am astounded by her strength and her ability to empathize, but now I am simply in awe of her ability to stand up to a situation and a psychological battering that I am certain would have overwhelmed the vast majority of people.

I also need to say thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I am an ungrateful; slob or some sadist whose purpose in life is to make others miserable, however, with what Nicole has had to put up with over the last few weeks my Tylenol 3/percocet/morphine induced slurrings of “I lurve you” and “Thank you I’m sorrysorrysorrythankyou” are most likely largely inadequate.

There are reparations to be made once the transformation into the unbroken man are complete and that is going to be a reward for us both in itself.

Thank you. I love you. I couldn’t have survived this nightmare without you by my side.