I enjoyed my trip in Asia.

John Baird, Energy Minister, Toronto news Conference

(He had started coughing as he approached
reporters, cracking this gem with a smile on
his face. “Is that funny?” asked a reporter,
quite rightly putting this insensitive little
shit in his place.)

April 3. Thursday.

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) latest information:

7 now dead in Toronto which pushes our death rate to astronomical proportions compared to worldwide figures.
Another school closes and at least 2 major conferences including the American Association for Cancer Research have cancelled their Toronto venues.
Most recent death at Markham-Stouffville Hospital linked directly to Scarborough Grace Hospital.
Officials still denying the airborne component of the disease.
No media admission of hospitals increasing capacity for SARS patients.

As one would expect, this protocol enforcement is starting to wear on the nerves of many people forced to work and perform normal functions from behind a stifling N-95 mask.

White Rabbits

First, let me back up to the first day of the month in which traditionally Spring arrives and we all start happily peeling off layers and turning our faces to the sun.
The scene that greeted us as we opened the curtains on the morning was a virtual whiteout of snow completely obliterating all the green that had started to become a customary dawn greeting. Despite having had 6 months of practice, apparently the people of Toronto were confused by the mystery white stuff and forgot how to drive leading to some monumental traffic accidents and the slowing of all major routes around the city to a crawl. A trip that would usually take me 20 minutes ended up lasting 90 minutes as I crawled toward the dentist’s office for my root canal. Shame I made it really.

Traffic anyone?

To add insult to injury, this week looks like it may be more of the same, with winter storm warnings for today and snow warnings all week.

It seems that this year is doing its best to truly demoralize the inhabitants of Toronto, hopefully in preparation for a spectacular summer and beautiful fall.

In other news yesterday was my sister’s birthday so a big hello and happy birthday to Fizzy, I hope she had a wonderful day, unless she is waiting for the weekend to celebrate in which case I am hoping my gift will have arrived by then to make the whole getting older thing a little better. Also, this weekend is Nicole’s birthday, more on that after the fact since we can’t have her getting all wound up and giving herself a headache. Mum and Dad should be travelling again in the next couple of days on their way home after languishing in the warmth and comfort of the Australian sun so happy trails to them and best wishes for a safe and happy trip.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Tuesday I had my root canal. It is upper left and happens to be the tooth I am supposed to be having the bridge attached to in the near future. The surgery itself was OK, I am actually getting used to it now, I think that is my 5th root canal, but even today I am still sore and my upper jaw is throbbing with a dull ache. At least it takes my mind off my leg and back.
Speaking of which, this week has been the first time I have not taken my cane on to the gym floor with me, and I am using it to walk outside but no longer using it indoors. I started at the gym doing 5 minutes on level one on the stairmaster but now have graduated to 30 minutes at level 2. I am amazed at this progress, and I have to admit that it is great to have a specific goal in mind again at the gym. So far I have not returned to doing any weights other than my leg, but am hoping that next week I will start some light lifting on the machines. I have been almost every day so far since I started back, and this week will signify the third week of 6 out of 7 days.
My hope is that starting Monday of next week, I will be leaving the cane for good and asking my physio if it is time to lose the belt also. Her input was that as soon as I could do 30 leg lifts and felt comfortable walking then I should abandon the belt and cane at the same time. Maybe I will try some wandering at the mall this weekend without it and see how I feel. The leg lifts are easy now, strange that the last time I saw her I was unable to lift my right leg off the table at all. It is really the last concrete evidence I have of my recovery. My next, and maybe last, appointment with her is April 14th.