Health is the vital principle of bliss,
And exercise, of health.

James Thomson (1834 – 1882), The Castle of Indolence.

April 18. Good Friday.

For once it is the recommendation that we think twice about going to Church. It is like some six year old’s dream has finally come through and in some Twilight Zone universe, Church has become something that you don’t have to endure. I am of course referring to the SARS situation here in Toronto. They are now telling us, after being on the brink of containment that there is a serious possibility that this virus may spread from the healthcare environment into the general population. On the one hand people are getting tired of hearing about it and the focus of the media has shifted to the NHL playoffs among other things, but on the other hand it suddenly appears as if there is a real danger that in the coming weeks we could see widespread uncontrolled infection. Unfortunately the Canadian apathy had infiltrated into the attitude towards this disease and on many occasions I have overheard people saying that they don’t really care about it because they have no other health problems and would most likely survive a bout of it anyway. Great, how to kill of the upper and lower percentiles of the population in one fell swoop. Hilarious indeed that they are just too apathetic to be bothered with the precautions, and yet seem to be ignoring the conclusion that they are therefore involved in a passive-agressive euthanasia. I always knew the Canadians had it in them to kill off the old and weak, they just had to disguise it carefully enough so it wouldn’t sting their sensibility. Even funnier is the notion that not only are they well on the way to culling the herd, but they are also abandoning religion at the same time… Nietchze would be so proud.

At some point I am going to get blasted for referring to Canadians as “they” since I am indeed a Canadian citizen, however, gaining a citizenship does not make you a native. No matter how Canadian I become, I will always be a Brit at heart.