November 2003

12th – Well the good news is finally official, Nicole has been appointed Help Desk Supervisor and is already training the new guy, an ex-security staff member from here in the hospital. This is a major marker in her career such as it is, and not only that, but it opens up opportunities for us financially that we would otherwise not have had. We celebrated with chinese food a couple of nights ago, of course HoLeeChow being the fascist Chinese delivery Nazis wouldn’t deliver to our side of the street (literally) so we had to go get it ourselves. To add insult to MSG coated injury, they “forgot” to incude our chicken balls, the only reason anyone really ever orders Chinese in the first place so we were forced to endure the vegetables and rice without dough covered balls o’ delight.

Seriously though, if those are the balls, can you imagine the chicken?

21st We had a new virus attack last night, a PayPal email trying to get people to plug in their accoutn information and as if that were not enough, we also had our old Novell server run out of space and crash – again. It took 5 reboots to get it back up and I have spent most of this morning moving old folders off (also again) to give us some space. We have finally decided that this is the last straw and have physically moved another old server to build a replacement. Speaking of replacements, we had Bell on site finally after about a month of waiting to replace an access point in the ED for the wireless phones. Everything seems fine and the signal is better than ever. At least that is one success for the day. We are gearing up for another also, with today being the day we take off the soft top and put the hardtop back on the Jeep ready for winter. As usual, bribary of greek food has worked wonders and three of my associates are ready and willing to help. Actually, they are going to help, get covered in sawdust from the tablesaw that was a recent addition to the garage, and spend the rest of the day explaining why they look like they were playing romper room for lunch.