October 2003

14th – Today… Retrofitting last month into place and making stuff up just to fill in the spaces… but I am working at least…

This month has been a great one so far for the sports fan inside me. Apart from Liverpool not fairing too well in the English Premier League, the Canadian Women’s Soccer team managed to get not only to the second round of the World Cup, but managed a 4th place finish which is quite remarkable. In addition, it is the Rugby World Cup in Australia right now, England having hammered Gerogia in their first match. This is especially interesting for me not only because of my love for Rugby, my passionate support for all English National teams but also becasue of the exposure Australia is getting bringing me fond memories of my recent vacations there. In one last piece of sporting news, Michael Schumacher won his 6th Driver’s Chanpionship in the Formula One World Championship placing him in the record books as the most successful (winningest is NOT a word) driver in F1 history. I was sad that Kimi Raikkonen didn’t manage to take the title which would have made him the youngest driver ever, and of course would have placed McLaren back on top, but Shumi did deserve the win, if only this time.

16th – I am more afraid of this turning into a Blog than anything else..but anyway… We are currently having a fire alarm. Not the usual false fire alarm that we get that lasts for 20 minutes and then finally stops it’s incessant beeping, but a real fire alarm for a real fire. Yes, of course right on 11am when the new lobby opening ceremonies are supposed to be taking place there was a small fire in the old lobby area. The fire alarm is annoying here in the basement, but in the new lobby it is borderline brain-damaging it is so loud. I can only imagine the spreading of joy that is the grand opening right now. Puts a smile on my face and a warm tingle in my heart… hehe.