Civit Cat deemed likely
responsible for SARS transfer
to humans.

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May 24. Saturday.

Traditionally the weekend that signifies the start of Summer, the opening of cottages and commencement of much fun and frivolity now sees us resticted not only by awful weather, but also by law. We have been told that due to SARS patients having been treated at our hospital, that we are now required to fully quarantine ourselves. What does “full quarantine” entail? Well check this out…

Staying at home and limiting your exposure to others is the best way to
control the spread of SARS to family, friends, and co-workers. Anyone in
isolation must take the following precautions:

– Do not leave your house, and do not have anyone visit you at home.
Family members do not have to be quarantined, unless a member of the
household is diagnosed with SARS.
– Wear a mask when you are in the same room with another member of your
– Change your mask twice a day. Family members do not have to wear a
– Do not share personal items, such as towels, drinking cups or
– Wash your hands frequently.
– Sleep in separate rooms.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? The latest round of directives comes as a result of this press release from Toronto Public Health:

TORONTO, May 23 /CNW/ – Tony Clement, Minister of Health and Long-Term
Care, Dr. Colin D’Cunha, Commissioner of Public Health and Dr. Barbara Yaffe,
Director of Communicable Disease Control for Toronto Public Health, today
confirmed that five individuals are currently under investigation for SARS.
Individuals who were at North York General Hospital between May 13 and May 23
are being asked to self-isolate and call Toronto Public Health at 416-338-
7600. Individuals who were at the hospital between April 22 and May 12 should
self-isolate if they have symptoms of SARS, and call Toronto Public Health.
The province is also asking people who entered St. John’s Rehabilitation
Hospital in Toronto between May 9 and May 20 to self-isolate and call the
Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600. People who entered the hospital between
May 1 and May 8 should self-isolate if they have symptoms of SARS, and call
Toronto Public Health.
St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital is closed to admissions, visitors,
discharges and transfers.
The new time period is the result of the ongoing public health
investigation, which confirmed that a fifth case is under investigation. This
investigation showed that the fifth person has a link to North York General