I watch the stars as they fall from the sky
I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying
I feel the fallen stars encircle me now, as they cry

AFI, Death Of Seasons- Sing the Sorrow

March 12. Wednesday.

Pain 1(Knee pain mostly from the gym)
Mobility 7

My recovery progresses. I have started back at the gym this week, able only to do some presses for my legs and a few minutes on the stairmaster. It is strange and disappointing to me to step onto the same machine I was master of mere weeks ago and have it bite me back with incessant unbearable demands. No longer am I sitting pretty at level 7 for an hour, or interval training with legs pumping like pistons, but rather I am now mercilessly victimized at level one, my body uncooperative as the neon display mocks me with its unstoppable flashing dots.

But I will not be defeated.

People are complimentary about the weight I have lost, it is amazing how you can hide a 20lb weight gain by wearing a weightlifting belt at the office. It was also great to see everyone at the gym, although the quizzical and pitying looks that some people give are unsettling at first. My solace is that they will witness the transformation back into the fully capable athlete (?) that left there just 3 short months ago. The thought of that metamorphosis is a comforting driving force to me, it has been too long since I have had a concrete goal in the gym. I have spent too long on my maintenance plan, trying to convince myself that health and my increasing age are motivation enough.

So I have a new friend. He has no name, and is shy to come out until everyone has left the building. He introduced himself by chewing a hole in my oatmeal packages on my desk and last night played a starring role on a carefully positioned camera…

Check this guy out:

Here he goes…

Time for another snack…

So I am in somewhat of a dilemma as to what I can do… On the one hand I have an opportunity to catch him and set him free outside where no doubt he will die of the cold or get run over, but on the other hand I am under pressure from people here to execute him with sticky paper or poison… Question is, how do you humanely catch a mouse without going out and buying a trap? Of course I could just put away all the food and let him move on to someone else’s desk, but then he may fall victim to their evil ways. In any event, we can’t have a mouse running around the office, so I must strike fast while I have his attention and figure out a solution. Any suggestions would be helpful, except cruel or inhumane trapping techniques since to this point he has refrained from using my desk as a toilet…although that may change.