August 20, 2003. Wednesday.

I suspect much like myself, many people will be happy to see the end of 2003. Most notably those of us here in Toronto and specifically those of us who have had to work in HealthCare this year. The tone of this entry isn’t helped by the fact that “rolling blackouts” just caused me to lose the 4 paragraphs I had already written and the fact that I am writing in the semi-darkness because we now have to save electricity…

It's 11am, do you know where your computer is??
Don’t get me started on the fact that the exterior lights are all on, the so-called command centre was vacant all night with all the lights on (an auditorium sized room) and the air conditioning is cranked presumably to offset the heat coming in through the open blinds in our new 3 storey high glass atrium.


Suffice to say that this year, Toronto the good as they like to call it, is not the place to be. SARS, West Nile, Blackouts, and the amount of time and effort wasted by citizens and the media on ridiculous ‘pick me up’ stories about insignificant people and their worthless little triumphs it really has become too much. The media specifically are the worst culprits, on the one hand berating the the criminals for taking advantage of the blackout situation by looting and robbing, meanwhile peddling 8×10 glossies of the darkened Toronto skyline at $100 a piece. I think it is clear who the real criminals are in this town. The post-SARS landscape is rife with pathetic attempts at overcompensation for the misappropriation of funds and resources and the inescapable fact that mismanagement cost lives during the outbreaks. I am sorry to say that despite all attempts to placate the public with congratulations and pathetic toadying the people of Toronto for once are mistrustful of the so-called leadership. It is about time that people started asking the right questions of their superiors and making them accountable for their answers. 2003 may have been the year of the crisis, but maybe, just maybe this time someone will be forced to take responsibility for their part in what has turned out to be a drastic wake up call for a city too long languishing in it’s own egotistical lounge chair.

At 4:11, The lights went out…
Amazing as it is… The third world is not too far from home apparently…
Here is the East Coast, both 20 hours before the blackout and then 7
hours after
and some detail added by yours truly…

And in case you are wondering what that all meant… Here are some shots of New York during the outages…
1 – Brooklyn Bridge
Photo 2 – Grand Central

Photo 3 – New York Skyline
Photo 4 – Times Square in the dark
Photo 5 – Commuters sleeping on the
steps of the 33rd St. Post Office

Photo 6 – Trading floor of the NYSE,
business as usual