July 15 – 27 – Cleaning House

So maybe it was just the fact that other people in the office were getting new houses, maybe it was the culmination of a 3 year long itch that needed to be scratched but whatever it was we found ourselves calling agents to see houses “up north”. We started fairly innocently, but after seeing two or three that we REALLY liked, we suddenly got serious. Cold feet though prevented us from going ahead and making any offers and after a couple of weeks we decided to put ours on the market to see what would happen. Sounds innocent enough, right?


I have two words for you… House Fluffing!

If you, like I did, do not believe that there could ever be something as bizarre as “staging your home” for sale then take a minute and check this out… House Fluffers I am still a little thrown that someone would actually call themselves a professional House Fluffer and be able to say it with a straight face.
But anyway… These people exist, and what they do for a living is actually fairly easy to accomplish after watching about 30 hours of HGTV (Home and Garden TV for those outside Canada). It also makes a great deal of sense. Having quite a bit of experience with Realtors and the methods and intricacies of selling houses I must admit that I never thought of taking the idea of keeping the house neat and tidy to the next level. I mean this fluffing thing is like cleaning on steroids… The goal seems to be to make your house the type of thing you would see in a magazine. So, being eager to see what would happen, happy to have something to dig our teeth into and loving the whole decorating thing we started to clean. ..and clean. .. and clean. ..and then paint, vacuum, shampoo, crate, pack and move almost every item, surface, wall and crevice in the place.

I have to admit, the results were pretty spectacular.

After the 3 day marathon session was over, we had what I can only describe as a model show home. It took about $300 and I would guess 120 man hours to complete but the results were very impressive. I will try to show you what I mean, but I am not sure the pictures will do it justice…


Main Room before
Main Room After

Scrap Room before
Scrap Room After
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

July 28 – What? Already? Are you serious?

So… be it the worst thing or the best thing, after just 4 days on the market, one open house and a dozen or so showings we were offered OVER LIST PRICE with zero conditions… not even a building inspection!!!

However the closing date is August 31st. EEK!!!

Needless to say now we are frantically searching for a place to move into in the next month or so.. not an easy task let me assure you.