This is a mess…

February 2004

So off to a grand beginning, regardless of my Chinese Horrorscope which said I should not travel and stay away from hospitals this year!!

Feb. 5 – 10 – Cancun, Mexico

Friday 13th – The spectre of Valentine

So the trip was a resounding success, of course now the bitter taste of valentines hangs over our heads, ironic… no, not ironic but amusing that it should follow Friday the 13th.

Do I sound jaded? well, according to my unofficial poll of guys I work with this is without a doubt the worst possible "holiday" of the year. The massive resentment of men to this resource intensive melodrama is fairly standard… kill it and nobody would miss it. Logically it would be easy to do if the women of the species didn’t hang their hat on it as a measure of the success or failure of their relationship but I ask you, who wouldn’t rather have $100 of clothes and flowers any other day rather than a dozen roses on Feb. 14th? I know… only the men seem to appreciate the logic of this sentiment but really, how long are we going to have to put up with this stupidity until people realize that if they just appreciated their spouse more than one day a year, it would cease to have such significance. Yes, that was a bit of a flip flop, but nevertheless, I am equally as disgusted by the holiday itself as I am by the guy who never does anything for his lady except on special occasions… Now I appreciate that even if every day brought a special occasion there are some people who would find a way to complain, but really, if you are not buying a surprise little something (even just coffee or lunch while they are at work as a surprise) each week then you really have no right to complain about the once a year imposition.

So get on it… then complain.

In reading this it does occur to me that there are exceptions to this rule. I am speaking from the mind of a happily settled man whose romantic attachment is secure, as are most of the people to whom I spoke. However, for the unattached, or recently smitten or even the first time round Valentine’s Day romance Valentine’s is truly an occasion to be celebrated. Not because of the material things, but solely because it just so happens that it is in fact a fairly true indicator of a man’s feelings in the beginning. So don’t fool yourself into trying to use the above excuses unless you have at least 2 Valentine’s Days behind you. That, my friend, would be a mistake, and one for which you will pay very, very dearly.

Feb 24th – Birthday Cake

So, Saturday was my birthday and in usual fashion I could not think of a single thing that I wanted to do. This is a sure sign of one thing, I am spoiled. However, don’t let that lacksadaisical attitude fool you, I have been working towards self-improvement with a vengeance as I usually do around my birthday and it is starting, very slowly, to pay off. I have halted the wieght gain, infact, I have started to move slowly in the other direction and have started to recognize an imporvement in my daily activities. This may sound boring to some of you, but to those who regularly (or not) go through a re-awakening of their physical fitness I am sure you understand the kick you get out of not huffing and puffing when you get up to the top level of the parking garage, or the second floor of your workplace. It is a great feeling not to reach for the fridge when you are bored, but rather to genuinely think that exercise might be a good idea at that moment. For me in particular though, it means less pain, something I can always do without. Hard to fathom that I have been in pain every day for over a year now, but no less true. However the pain that I feel now is the awakening of muscles that have been in stasis since the operation and are only now being coaxed back into action. This is a different notion for me now as far as trying to reach muscles that are far less glamorous than the chest and biceps that I usually work in the gym, but in a way far more rewarding. I am able to touch my toes again, something I have not dared to try since many months before the surgery, but a sure sign that somewhere deep within the structure of my spine, things are loosening up a touch.

This, however, is only the beginning, which is spectacular since it is only February and the summer (the time I usually wish I had started waaaaay back) is still but a hope for the future…