Meetings are fun when you get to sit on the floor…

Even the smallest victory is never to be taken for granted.
Because it is so easy not to battle at all,
to just accept and call that acceptance inevitable.

Audre Lord

Pain 3
Mobility 7

I thought I would revisit this little scale for a minute and just update my physical abilities. I was wandering through some of the archives here and looking for pages that have all the bells and whistles I needed and found this indicator from when I first had surgery. It is bizarre that it has been almost 2 years now and I still deal with the fallout of the surgery on a daily basis. I recently spent a fun filled couple of days at Futures Gymnastics learning how to be a Gymnastics coach, or rather how to begin my coaching career so to speak. During those 2 days I sat on the floor, got up and sat down about a hundred times and generally got to roll around on the floor and goof about. On the third day God created pain… Now, I have a theory about the pain I am currently experiencing which both comforts my own worries and creates a light at the end of the tunnel. My theory is that each time I push my body beyond what it is used to I am going to get pain, massive, mind scrambling, tear jerking pain. This I accept. This pain will last as long as it takes for my body to get used to these muscles moving again. However this is where the theory is a bit fuzzy since I am not sure exactly how long it should take. By my experiences after Canada’s Wonderland this year, I am guessing that 2 or 3 weeks is probably normal. So, since it has been only a few days I am not worried. I am however in a world of hurt as they say.

Tonight, I embarked on my first activity as an official gymnastics coach and attended a meeting of coaches at Vaughan where I will be assisting. Sitting on the floor and hanging out at the gym is my kind of meeting I have to say, albeit uncomfortable for me I still prefer that to our Wednesday hackabouts at work. We went over the rules of conduct, the safety, our roles and responsibilities and so on. Then we went over each piece of equipment making sure we all knew how to make them safe and how to spot basic movements. This was essential since there were other coaches there who had never coached before, and in addition had not had any experience being in charge of athletes not far their junior.

I had a feeling that I had not anticipated, and that was the reminder of what it is like to have a weekday commitment. Not since my days of scouts and Air Cadets have I ever had a weekly commitment at night that was purely recreational. Sure, going to the gym counts but not as a team or group event. I realized that I was about to join a team of people committed to the education and entertainment of other people’s kids. I remember when I coached a team of 9 year old girls in soccer just after I had graduated university and what a joy that was, but it was so much easier being only once a week on the weekends and far less of an imposition since I was a salesman at the time. The idea of having all these kids relying on us as coaches is daunting enough, I can’t imagine what these 16 and 17 year old kids must be thinking… I guess it is true that not all kids nowadays are punks…