My Brain Hurts Already

Warning: dates on calendar are closer than they appear.

Pain 4
Mobility 7

This evening brings yet another group of 9 7 to 9 year old kids as our third and final group. I am afraid… very afraid.

Well, that was not as hectic and blindingly fast as the first night but still it is a frenetic pace when you have 9 young girls standing around expecting you to know what you are doing. They are very demanding, I have to say. Of course they are allas cute as buttons, and it is such a great dichotomy compared to working in a windowless basement cubicle on documentation that never gets read and having meetings that never lead to anything. I have to say that even though it leads to very long days and at the moment extremely painful mornings it is worth it to inject a little joy and childlike happiness into my life.

So the kids rampaged in and were lined up and told the rules, taught the safety basics and taken through a warm up of sorts… the problem with 7 year olds is that they are still extremely floppy and have a hard time learning about keeping legs and arms straight. It is akin to having a swordfight using a wet noodle. They were all very well behaved, but of course the first class is always like that, and they all seemed to be interested in what they were there for, which means at the very least you can find some way to keep them interested. The worst thing is when the parents sign their kids up without asking them if they really want to, and you end up with a child who doesn’t want to be there no matter what you do or how hard you try to make it fun.

I am happy then to report that all of our groups are so far looking like fun. I am very fortunate also that I am going to be able to coach level 1 kids who I would be coaching if I were working elsewhere but also level 2 kids who are competetive and actually compete at meets and go out of town for weekend competitions. These kids are generally more motivated but also are in need of more discipline and physical conditioning which is where my expertise lays. If I were not coaching with Nicole I would not get the opportunity to coach competetive kids nor would I get the chance to coach with her private classes, some of whom are adults which is also a real eye-opener. So lucky I am indeed, not just to have Nicole as my girlfriend but also as my coching partner. I say partner, but in reality I am the coaching gopher, which is fine by me as I find my coaching feet once more.