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It's time to panic

We are coaching again next tuesday… That is less than a week from now. Usually I would be full of glee and girly happiness at the prospect however this year I am weighed down by the stress of the knowledge that this year I will be coaching 2 groups of little girls by myself (with a CIT). THe CIT or coach in training is basically just another child to look after however they are useful to fetch equipment and so on… I am honestly petrified at the prospect of having to coach a class alone. In reality, I never signed up for this… It was supposed to be a fun thing to provide a distraction from work and some much needed physical activity. I am not sure how it progressed to the point where I am now almost Level 2 certified which means I am almost ready to coach my own competitive group of 12-16 year olds. I thought this was just supposed to be fun?
It’s not like it isn’t going to be fun, however I could really do without the stress of having to prepare lesson plans and so on that comes along with the coching part. Including testing levels, supervising the CIT and trying to make sure that the little ones don’t hurt themselves.


My Aching Body – New Injuries!

So pirouettes aren’t my thing.

I was back in the emergency department last thursday morning not for my usual MRI but this time for an Xray on what we thought was a broken left foot. I managed to roll over it on wednesday night and although it wasn’t that painful, when I woke up on Thursday I couldn’t walk. So, suspecting the worst and expecting to spend the next 6 to 8 weeks in a cast I was not the happiest camper. The news was bittersweet, but since it took 3 hours to get it I had almost forgotten what I was there for. Apparently I had sprained the ligament in my foot so badly that it has ripped a small chunk of bone off the metacarpal bones of my foot (?). Sadly there is nothing they can do for it as far as immobilizing it or casting it so I am stuck with an invisible injury that is frankly insanely painful at time…

Add that to the fact that I once again just recovered from ANOTHER month off work with a painful back culminating in another MRI which sadly (in a way) remains unchanged. Not that it feels that way, in fact it feels different now than it ever has. I am at a point where I am seemingly permanently being overly careful, of course I can’t walk as much at the moment due to the foot thing so that doesn’t help but I am getting close to the end of my rope once again with my stupid body.