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Feeling it…

I can feel my stomach slowly tightening as I do some of the crazy workout stuff for the P90 program. It’s weird and I hate the fact that I am reduced to working out like an old man, but I guess I should have learned by now that I should be taking it easy..

Dreams and feline pillows

So lately I have been dreaming of some weird stuff, however Nicole woke up the other morning and was using Thunder as a pillow. He was not impressed to say the least and is now back to eating her hair to wake her up in the morning.
I myself have been having nightmares that Tony Horton comes into my bedroom and drags me down to the basement and forces me to do the ab100 over and over and over again. It has only been a week since we started this Power 90 thing and I already want to barbeque his liver…
Is that so wrong?
I thought by now I would have seen some weight loss, but knowing how little I am really able to do I am not surprised. However, I do feel better, although more sore than I was. That situation is not helped by the fact I have bowlers ass from going 5 pin bowling on saturday.

Day 4 – I hate Tony

last night we did the cardio workout after dinner. Not smart. I really have to remember either to eat a lot less before the workout OR to do the thing right after work so I don’t feel like a bag of pudding in the back of a pickup truck! Now I realize that it is only day 4 today which means that we have only done 3 workouts so far but I already harbour a festering hatred of Tony the guy in the video. Lucky for Nicole she gets to go do Yoga Booty Ballet if she wants to, but since I can’t see myself doing Yoga or Ballet and I have no booty then I guess it’s me and perky boy with the poor sense of humour.
Speaking of which, my clothes are just as tight and all I have lost so far is my sense of humour.

Sad, sad news

I got a mail this morning saying that Paul, a wonderful person and friend of the family passed away on Sunday. He had been ill for a long time so in a way it is good that his suffering is over but really that sentiment is more often than not blocked by the more selfish attitude that he is gone from us and that he will be sorely missed. I remember many years ago I used to go over to their house in Oakville and play pool with his daughter and a group of her friends until the wee hours of the morning. They are such a wonderful vibrant family, each one of them brimming with Ozzie personality and an infectious happiness and zest for life that you just couldn’t help but love. Paul was the kind of man that you could truly say wrung every drop of enjoyment out of his life. I have always seen Paul in the light of personifying the idea that you only live once and therefore should grab life by the throat and shake the living daylights out of it.
His family quite simply is a testament to his life, wonderful, caring, loving and bursting with life. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and of course, his family will be in our prayers.

Day 3 – I can't move!

30 walk AM – I have been walking twice a day again for the last 3 weeks or so, once at 530am and again at the endof the day
P90 PM

So Saturday we started the famed BeachBody Power 90 thing. Basically we have no gym membership and although we have built the gym downstairs we need a jump start. So I thought we would get a couple of workout videos and “systems” to follow for a while until we get back into it. Nicole got the Yoga Booty Ballet and I got the Power 90.
Saturday was day 1 despite coaching in the morning. Everything went surprisingly well, the workout is not difficult but does cover most of the aerobics / kickboxing / yoga type moves enough to get you started anyway. The abs program (at least the first instalment) is pretty simple too even though I had a hard time completing the 100 reps.

Yeah, I know.

Sunday I put the roof on the Jeep which was much easier than before since I got the cool little dolly thing that it sits on. However I was sore… Very sore.
No my back mind you, my stomach and my shoulderblade (Rhombus). I think the shoulder thing is partly due to playing on the computer but also because the muscles don’t do much of anything else. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain whenever I moved at all. However we did some positive things. I did not buy a TV on which to watch the new videos even though the one in the gym downstairs is only a 20″. I figured why spend $400 just because I bought an exercise video? Also we did the weights program. Each day you alternate between a “sculpt” which uses weights and a “cardio” which is basically a simple aerobics class with abs.

This morning I am sore all over. It’s not just that I am sore since I have been there done that a thousand times, but you never get used to the feeling of not knowing which way to limp or how to get up or sit down without some part of your body screaming in agony… Today should be lots of fun!