Jan 5, 2005

First day back after the holidays. This day is hardest when we have been away because the traffic in this city really imposes itself on you. I guess you don’t really notice it when you live here, the daily hum of traffic, the endless stream of cars ahead and behind you but it is pretty unique to the metropolitan sprawl. Once you get a chance to get away to a smaller city, or to a country where cars are not a measure of your success that you must flaunt with Freudian glee you come to realize just how imposing traffic really is.

Today has been intolerably slow. Mostly due to the fact that I have a terrible headache and this cold has me in its grip. However, I am thinking that this has been an ideal way to slip back into the swing of things, comfortably numb so to speak. I am also sure that it has been 2:30 for about 6 hours now… I am not sure how, but I am certain that we passed three o’clock some time ago… Maybe I need another hot cup of coffee to settle me down. Unfortunately I go through periods of sudden exertion, a desire to get up and run about with wild abandon mixed with long periods of sitting staring blankly at the switch mapper trying to make sense of all the little packets scurrying around the network like worker ants, determined and oblivious to all except their destination.

Once we got home after a bout of protein shopping at Sobey’s things didn’t improve any, in fact, I was about as energetic as… well, something not very energetic at all really. So unfortunately, the plan of treadmill and working out will just have to wait for another day. Besides, we have coaching tomorrow and I don’t want to be exhausted, sick and sore, that wouldn’t be fair to the girls now would it?