We went out to the Aurora Street Fair this past weekend which was a really interesting time. Apart from the fact that we had to walk about 6 km from one ond to the other and back which was difficult at times it was really enjoyable. There were all sorts of vendors, tons of people supporting the new beading craze with necklaces and anklets and bracelets and earrings, lots of local stores selling various dips and sauces which was unfortunate since it was over 30 degrees and appetites were waning… The highlight for me though was real candy floss on a stick which I haven’t had since my years back in England at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. All the memories of childhood came flooding back with each huge fluffy pink wad of sugar that I shoved into my mouth.. It was truly heaven!
Since the sun was shining we decided that we would also get to the gym early on Sunday morning for our second official workout at our new gym. I have to say it is looking promising as far as numbers of people since every time we have been there so far it has been virtually deserted. Oddly enough, when we were there after work on Monday it was full of Western students sending me into another time warp as they discussed their final exams and their prospects for employment over the summer. After the gym we detoured to breakfast for our next stop in our search for Aurora’s best breakfast. This place was called Daybreak but unfortunately was boiling hot when we got there. Nevertheless we ordered our omlette and scrambled eggs and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. The service was great, however they opted for the little cubed home fries instead of making their own which is never going to be the sign of a truly great breakfast place. However, this was the best so far and I think we are going to try Wimpys at some point for our next stop.