This is not going to plan since coaching is getting in the way and I can’t seem to get out of bed early enough to get on the treadmill by 530. Anyway, I went to the dentist yesterday, they are claiming it has been 2 1/2 years since I was there but I severely doubt that. I have a cracked filling (again) and apparently my grinding my teeth at night is starting to cause problems. This is despite the fact that I have been doing it for over 30 years now.
So he suggested I get an “appliance” for my front teeth to stop myself grinding. I can’t decide if it is worse or better than having a full mouthguard since this little thing looks suspiciously like a soother…
I also went to see the Gastroentorologist about my GERD / indigestion /barfing. His solution is to give me Nexium which may help, after which he will do a Gastroscopy, where he inserts a camera down my throat and pokes about for a while.
Once that fun is over, he says I can wear a PH unit to measure the acidity in my throat for 24 hours, this entails me having tubes down my throat and sensors for 24 hours. Will the fun never stop!?
Once again, I face a last resort option of surgery. Apparently I have a lazy sphincter. Since this has been going on since I can remember, at least back to 1992 I think its probably time to get it fixed. However, having a surgical procedure that requires them entering my body through my bellybutton does not fill me with the warm and fuzzies I think I will hold off for now.

I keep thinking of topics to discuss, but once I actually get here all I can recall are the vaguest of details. It goes something like this:
Driving to work in the morning or listening to the BT crew in the morning I hear something that piques my interest, this morning it happened to be the Raptors having lost their latest game taking them to an abysmal 1-16 record. Not only that, but last night they only managed to score 66 points. This is not just bad play, this is purposeful belligerence it has to be! I mean I know that the Leafs are bad, even though they show flashes of confidence and ability it always ends up in a car wreck at season’s end, but they very rarely get thrashed like the Raptors do. Which brings me to the point of questioning why we have a team at all, and how far we have fallen since the days of Stoudamire and that other arrogant prick who played for us to be where we are now, the whipping dogs of the NBA. 66 points, people! So anyway, as the events of the day progress and my tiny brain fills with other fluff this all gets gradually relegated to the status of gum on the sole of a shoe. So much so that once I sit at the computer ready to write all I can think of is …

Man, the Raptors suck.

See? And I wonder why I have a hard time putting hands to keys like I used to.

Speaking of scams… I downloaded Power 90 sculpt and sweat 3-4 to see if they were any more exciting than 1-2 are (in reality, a lobotomy would be more exciting than Tony horton but I digress) and to my dismay I found that the only difference is that there is an extra set of each thing on the tape. Oh, sorry, they have two different average looking people in the back behind Tony just to really mix things up. I am glad I didn’t spring the money for them and since I am an honest individual, I will not use the downloads, I will just delete them. Maybe Buns of Steel is a little more exciting. It is not that the stuff he does isn’t good, in fact it is a great mixture of the right moves in the right order, but seriously I am almost asleep at the end of the thing… Maybe that is why I haven’t lost any weight yet!