30 walk AM – I have been walking twice a day again for the last 3 weeks or so, once at 530am and again at the endof the day
P90 PM

So Saturday we started the famed BeachBody Power 90 thing. Basically we have no gym membership and although we have built the gym downstairs we need a jump start. So I thought we would get a couple of workout videos and “systems” to follow for a while until we get back into it. Nicole got the Yoga Booty Ballet and I got the Power 90.
Saturday was day 1 despite coaching in the morning. Everything went surprisingly well, the workout is not difficult but does cover most of the aerobics / kickboxing / yoga type moves enough to get you started anyway. The abs program (at least the first instalment) is pretty simple too even though I had a hard time completing the 100 reps.

Yeah, I know.

Sunday I put the roof on the Jeep which was much easier than before since I got the cool little dolly thing that it sits on. However I was sore… Very sore.
No my back mind you, my stomach and my shoulderblade (Rhombus). I think the shoulder thing is partly due to playing on the computer but also because the muscles don’t do much of anything else. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain whenever I moved at all. However we did some positive things. I did not buy a TV on which to watch the new videos even though the one in the gym downstairs is only a 20″. I figured why spend $400 just because I bought an exercise video? Also we did the weights program. Each day you alternate between a “sculpt” which uses weights and a “cardio” which is basically a simple aerobics class with abs.

This morning I am sore all over. It’s not just that I am sore since I have been there done that a thousand times, but you never get used to the feeling of not knowing which way to limp or how to get up or sit down without some part of your body screaming in agony… Today should be lots of fun!