So it’s time to go again. September 6th, the Tuesday after Labour Day and the first official day of school. Also, the first day of coaching.

That is not the big news.

I took my Level 1 tramp in Pickering August 28th, and completed my Level 2 Technical at Tristar in Unionville on 6th-7th and 13th-14th of August. I had my B Level theory cancelled due to low numbers but hopefully will have that by year end. I also still need my Risk Management Course.

That is not the big news either.

Nor is the fact that I had 2 back episodes this summer and broke my foot while coaching summer camp.

It is the fact that TODAY I have a group of my own. I am terrified to be honest.

So I am off to plan the classes, plan conditioning for the comp girls and hopefully to make my first day as a full fledged coach (with my own CIT) a smooth one.
Too bad I can’t remember names!