Finally, the weather is cooperating and it is starting to feel a little like summer. This means that it is time to get the roof off the Jeep, something which my trusty coworkers have in the past been a big part of but who this year are too far afield to assist. Being as it is that we moved out of the city there is only one person close enough to help, and I haven’t sprung the question on him yet… But I will, oh yes.
We went to a fitness club around the corner from our new place last week, a little place called Timberlane which was nice, and coincidentally was a place I had been to in order to set up a coffee account which must be 12 years ago now. Even though we have managed to set up a gym in our basement with padded floors and the whole nine yards, we still feel theneed to go to organized fitness classes and to have access to hardcore equipment. At $249 for 4 months, the deal seemed too good to pass up so we are going to set up our memberships this week.
In the more money out of the pot category I am also looking for a new computer since the one we have currently will not allow me to do any of the digital capturing necessary to offer still pictures of the Gym competitions to our girls. Seems that Dell is the best all around deal but only because I am bowing to peer presssure and not going with TigerDirect since some people have had bad experiences with them… Far be it from me to follow the crowd, but we are talking a substatial sum here…
Speaking of Gym, we had our last competition of the year this past weekend and the girls actually did quite well with the exception of our most senior girl who had what some would call an ‘off day’ but what I would call a poor showing. The best thing to come out of the meet was that one of our girls who will not be returning next year and who is notoriously bad at competitions did very well (FINALLY!!!) and got what I feel she deserved for her years of effort. Once the results were in I did some number crunching and it seems that throughout the year most of the girls have steadily improved which means that Nicole and I must have been doing something right.
It is the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Lottery drawing this morning and on Brekfast Television they were touring the $2.35 million home that they are giving away, fully furnished in the part of town we recently moved from. The place was enourmous and quite spectacular but I still thought that even if we won the thing, we would probably sell it and find another place up near us since the appeal of the country seems to have us firmly in it’s grip. I was standing on the balcony last night in the fading light of dusk listening to the frogs calling to each other, grilling some steaks on the barbeque and wondering why we didn’t get out of the city before now. It is so peaceful in the evening, of course because the mosquitoes aren’t about yet, but even if they were, our Citronella Surivoresque laps would protect us, surely?