So no sooner than Thunder is back on his furry feet, Nicole is now flat out with what we thought at first may be tonsilitis. She has had a fever and a really nasty cough for the last 4 days and even though she says she feels better, she is still lethargic and grumpy as most sick people are 🙂
For my part, I am sore all over from working out again, most notably my legs feel like spaghetti even though any normal person could have done my leg workout without a second thought. My legs don’t just get sore now, but they get that nerve sting down them where the muscles were compormised with my trapped spinal nerve. This means it is like having acid poured down inside your arteries spreading out to every tiny mscle fiber you have. It is incredibly excruciating. All this after a leg workout that was at most 15 minutes long. Oh well, I am not gonna complain knowing the places I have been with my body the past 3 years.