I will return to this list once in a while, but here is a short list of my Motor Vehicle Accidents…
1984 – Smithy was driving his old Ford Escort when a car sideswiped us on my side. This was probably my first accident.
1982 – Hit by a car on my way to school, he was illegally passing over yellow hash markings. I was wearing my muddy rugby socks from the previous day.
1985-87 Never crashed my mums Datsun or my dads Volvo.
1986 – Sideswiped an entrance pylon with a rental car in York.
1987 – Woman in a Pathfinder ran over the front of Mum’s Chevette with me driving in a GO train parking lot. She was found to be at fault.
1987 – 90 Never had an accident in my Trans-Am
1990 94 Accident free in my 1990 Eagle Talon Turbo 4WD – Still my favourite car of all time.
1994 – Someone mangled my Talon in an accident in Toronto. Car was a write off. Accident was found to be other driver error.
1993 – Driving a company car (Chrysler) back to a meeting in Toronto from London I was cut off on the exit ramp to Islington and took out a road sign. I was found not to be at fault.
1994 – Driving company car down Dufferin St some guy swerved to avoid a left turning car which I did not see in time. I rearended the car which was diven by a guy who was going for his 2week post-op checkup with his doctor after heart surgery. I was found not to be at fault. I did however have the airbag go off in my face which filled the car with powder. Thinking the car was on fire I jumped out right into oncoming traffic. I suffered damage to my hands which went through the dashboard and a massive headache where my head hit the windshield even though I was wearing my seatbelt.
1989 – Driving up to my girlfriend’s cottage at Christmas I was almost hit head on by a sports car who was attempting to pass a truck on a blind hill. I lost control and flipped the Oldsmobile station wagon end over end into a 12 foot ditch filled with snow. That was a horrific accident. I was uninjured and found not to be at fault.
1987 – Driving up north to get a christmas tree with my mother, my grandma and my aunt in the car I lost control on a patch of ice and slid very gracefully into a shallow ditch puncturing a tire. No other vehicle was involved. That was my mothers Oldsmobile Royal Brougham, her favourite car ever.
1995 – On my way to a convention in Detroit I lost control of my Jeep in the fast lane of the highway in the snow and crossed all 3 lanes ending up in a 6 foot ditch. No other vehicles were involved, there was no damage to the car. As an added bonus I did not spill my coffee which I had in my hand at the time. oddly enough, once I got to the border I fell asleep in a traffic jam and bumped the guy in front of me very gently – No damage. I decided to get another coffee and approaching the border took off my seatbelt with my coffee in my hand and spilled the entire contents in my lap.
1994 – Which reminds me I got rearended by an idiot in my brand new sports car on Yonge Street while on a first date with a nurse I had just met.
1996 – I think it was 96 I was on the DVP southbound approaching the Lakeshore exit behind an old piece of crap Ford F150 when the driver decided that she did not want to exit and swerved back onto the highway in front of me. I rearended her in my new Jeep Grand Cherokee causing almost $5000 in damage including folding the hood up so badly I couldn’t see out of the window. She was a doctor, her last name was Ruth. Yes, I rearended Dr. Ruth. Very weird.
1995/7 sometime – Rearended someone very gently on the 401 on my way home from Dolfin which is what prompted me to look for work closer to home. I also spilled my coffee all over myself then.
Intermingled with this I have also had 3 bike accidents including one which separated my right shoulder and another that caused me to land on my pager with my hip which was excruciatingly painful. My suggestion is never to wear a pager while riding your bike around. One other was cused by my bike tyre getting caught inthe streetcar tracks down by the lake causing me to go head first over the handlebars.
1994 ish – I remember one accident running into the side of a toyota doing about 80km/h as he did an illegal uturn out of a traffic jam across my lane. He was 92 years old and still driving. I suffered a compression of my spine, a separated left shoulder and lost consciousness. He was found to be at fault but was not charged. Had I been smarter I would have charged him with dangerous driving, sued him for damages and insisted the police take action against him.
Since I got my new Jeep in 1999 I have not had an accident where I have been in the car. Someone did back into the front left corner as I was parked on the street in London while at an AFI concert. I never did find out who it was. The Jeep still bears the scars of that collision even though I fixed it myself quite well.