On my birthday, Feb 20, I spent most of the day on my feet and stepping up onto a chair to videotape the girls competing at the Americana Invitational in Niagara Falls. The next day I was a little sore, nothing special so I thought. As the week wore on, I got more and more sore in my left lower back, the exact opposite side as was the case prior to my back surgery.
This started to worry me a little and sure enough in the next 2 days I suddenly went from discomfort to excruciating pain in my back (SI joint area to be exact) radiating down my left buttock (the very centre of the left cheek) and down into the upper left leg (insertion of the fibia).
I immediately booked an appointment with my surgeon and my physio and tried to rest as much as I could.
The surgeon, in a nutshell, told me he did not know what it was but he was conserned that it may be disc related and so told me to take the anti-inflammatories and stay off work for 3 or 4 weeks. At that time I thought that was a ridiculous notion and that I would be fine in a week or so. The Physio told me she thought it may be SI joint (Sacroiliac joint) related or related to hip disfunction rather than disc. Most of her manipulations turned out negative however when I bend from the waist, I only have pain after about 10 degrees to 15 degrees from vertical.
The pain was very bad the first few days until it started to subside a little in my back. Nicole and I were scheduled to fly to Vegas for a family reunion and went as planned.
While in Vegas, I used the hot tub and walked as much as I could since the Physio had told me that remaining mobile was key.
The Vegas vacation went fantastic, I will cover the details later, but once home, the cold weather started to take its toll and the pain in my leg turned to numbness and loss of strength. I booked an MRI which I am still awaiting and was told that there was still nothing to be done.
I researched as much as I could and found that the symptoms most closely related to something called SI Joint Disfunction which is cureable with stretching and strenghtening. This was good news, however I was still concerned that the loss of feeling in my leg was pointing to a disc impaction on the spinal column. However, it is noted that an SI joint inflammation can affect the sciatic nerve as it passes through the SI Joint area and this may be what caused the nerve impaction.

So I have been walking a little, although I cannot walk far I try to remain on my feet as much as is comfortable and have been using my EMS machine that I used after my surgery. Also I have stolen Nicole’s heating pad to help keep my back warm and supple.

As it stands today I am on gradual return to work (4 hours a day) and am joining a wellness group that weighs us every week to encourage my weight loss.

Because lets face it… We all know why my hip or back or whatever it was caused my pain.

I am too heavy. I am too inactive and I need to get back into shape.
It is a simple fact that a person walking around at 260 or 270 lbs without exercising is going to face some issues fairly rapidly.

So I am on a program, I have a plan and I hope that in 10 weeks (or before I am almost sure) I will be able to look back at this and realize just how much my weight is a factor in my back pain.

Wish me luck, but mostly wish me well…