So after Saturday’s coaching which seemed to go fine, I was unable to walk on Sunday. My back was acting in the same way as it did pre-op which means that I was leaning over like the Tower at Pisa. This meant that it was not as ominous as some of the recent episodes but none the less was not enjoyable in the least. So I was under full bed rest foir Sunday and monday and started to move again on Tuesday. I went to coaching because mostly standing is OK and since Robin, my CIT was going to be doing all the hard work I figured I coudl just hang out and supervise. By the end of the night I was exhausted but not as sore as I had been. The pain seemed to come on very suddenly overnight saturday leading me to believe that something I did on Saturday at gym was what triggered the episode. Once again, although having been put through the ringer again I was still no closer to finding out exactly what is causing this. However, interestingly there was a lot of pain in my right quad, kind of like if I had done too many leg lifts with that leg. Once that pain was gone, the back pain was also gone.
Wednesday I returned to work feeling like I had been kicked by a horse. Plus I couldn’t sit too long so catching up on the mountain of work I have is not easy. However I managed to order the 72″ server cabinet which was an adventure so that and the critical tickets were done.