I have been fine the past few days. My foot has returned to normal, my back, although sore has been OK and even though I am not quite up to exercising yet, the coaching thing has helped me to get a little more active.
Until today of course. I woke up with a terrible sniffle. Not a cold per-se, but a nagging runy nose and stuffy head. It is now 2pm and instead of getting better I actually feel worse than I did when I got here.

I have been working on computer room stuff and the AV upgrade but nothing seems real today. I am foggy at best and the thought of coaching tonight is only bearable becasue it means I won’t have to go again until Thursday.

I am such a whiner when I am sick it’s really pathetic. But I have a headache. Pity me, pity me….

I think I need to go for a walk to clear my head (yeah, right).

We found out yesterday about the plans to build behind our house. Appalling as it sounds they are going to be putting several houses across the pond from us. The savign grace is that they have planted lots of trees and give it a year or two it should all be treed off from view. Of course, it does block our view somewhat but once it is in, any new owner will be none the wiser. I am sad to see what they are planning, but I suppose with the town growing as it is we should be grateful that we have a little nature outside at all.

I have been looking at emigrating to Australia too. They are in dire need of technical and skilled professionals and it would be a great idea to get down there and escape the stupid Canadian winter. This year has been particularly bad, I mean half the year (literally) you can’t go out because it is too cold and this summer almost every day there was a poor air quality warning and heat into the 40’s meaning guess what, you couldn’t go outside then either. So much for enjoying the outdoors it is really ridiculous.
On the other hand, living within walking distance to the beach and having year liong temperatures warm enough to walk without a coat is more than a little appealing. We shall see I suppose.. Some days I am really keen, but of course it is a case of motivation really. That motivation I am sure will come soon with winter around the corner and the miserable extreme cold that comes along with it.
Imagine, a home without the need for heating or air conditioning.