So this is 2005?

Most people don’t plan to fail
They just fail to plan

-Context Unknown

Origin Unknown

January 6, Thursday.

I suppose we had better start with some resolutions then?

1. No TV before 7pm. This is a major one if I am ever going to get anything done around the house. During the summer this is no problem since it is a joy to be out in the garage working in my workshop (actually I have yet to do this since we just moved in but go with me on this) but during the long dark months of Canadian stupid winter it is very easy to get home and snuggle up on the couch and watch some TV while the wind and the snow howl by the windows. I have plenty of projects that need to be completed and the 4 to 7 window is my best shot to get it done…

2. Lose weight. I know, everyone says this and nobody ever sticks to it, but since the surgery my weight has been barely under control and is hampering my ability to recover to my former glory. Some of it has to go.. along with a big slice of ego too maybe? 🙂

3. To be more organized. This should be easy, I can make lists, I can organize my stuff no problem, if I could just find my organizer where I wrote everything down…