We went on our annual trek to Hastings this weekend and in true fashion, were astounded at just how far away it was. I know we have been there plenty of times and I know that every time we say the same thing but it never ceases to amaze me just how long the drive really is. That coupled with the fact that I am absolutely beside myself with a need for a washroom by the time I get there makes for an interesting arrival every time.
This time, it was the engagement party in as much as both Kim and Khrhystaelle (or whatever) managed to get engaged over the past year. Of course, that all stopped as soon as Nicole brought out her necklaces confiming the fact that women are irresistably attracted to anything remotely sparkly and they turn into ADD afflicted owls anytime they get around jewelry hooting and ooooohing at every piece.
The food was great as it always is and I hung out with the guys watching the golf game as we awaited the signal to descend upon the buffet. It was an enjoyable day as it always is, but the drive back left me aching and uncomfortable with half a turkey in my stomach and stuffing coming out of my ears.

It wasn’t until we got attacked by the cats as we arrived home that I discovered that we had no more cat food. Knowing that the vet was closed on Monday and we coach Tuesday meant that the poor little boys (read: fat assheads) wouldn’t be getting more than very small snacks for the next two days… of course that also meant that I wouldn’t be getting much sleep until they were fed ‘properly’. Sad really that we live with two furry terrorists..

Coming back to work on Tuesday was awful, not only because it was hard after 3 days off, but knowing that we had to coach too meant Tuesday was going to be a very long day…