I went to the doctor again today to get the results of all my bloodwork etc. He said my sugars are fine, my thyroid was a little elevated so he is sending me for another test, my cell counts were fine and best of all that my cholestorol was low as were my triglycerides. This was after 2 years of not so good exercise and a couple of weeks of complete inactivity due to my back (the test was about a month ago now).
My EKG which is my heart test came back normal, he said there is no sign of mitral valve prolapse but that it is very difficult to catch if it is relaively minor. He said my MRI was ‘complicated’ but that in the end it was not a great deal different than last time which in a way is good since all I wanted was to have the disc fixed. I do have to go and see my back specialist to get the full information on the MRI though. The only thing that was not good was that the stuff he gave me for my stomach (the reflux) did nothing. Although it did reduce the amount of acid, it did not stop the regurgitation and that was the main goal. In fact, acid is not the problem, it is really the reflex that is the issue. I did have an Upper GI exam several weeks ago which came back normal with no signs of hernia or erosive aesophagitis.
So mostly it was good news, however he is handing me off to a throat and digestion specialist to have a camera stuck down my throat sometime soon to see if there is anything physical they can fix with my throat and my constant regurgitation.
So I am pretty happy. The best thing about it is that I am much healthier now than I was then and so my health is obviously very good. My weight is down 5 pounds and my blood pressure went from 140/94 to 138/86 so he was happy about that.

Thought I would let you know the good news and tell you that I may, in fact, live forever…