Bad to worse some might say but since we have come back from the weekend in Blue Mountain my eating has been awful and my exercise lacking. I need a refresher in focus I think.
The weekend was great as it usually is, we saw the new house and there was a light dusting of snow to really make it like Christmas. The kids were great, and as everyone always says at family gatherings they are growing up so fast it is incredible.
The food was great, lots of sweets unfortunately and the turkey, always unpredictable for most, was excellently prepared.
Once back to work things started to unravel healthwise because it has been 10% humidity in our office every day this week. Monday and Tuesday I was OK, wednesday I got a headache at lunch and by Thursday lunchtime I was unable to work due to my headache. I wrote a letter to Occ Health quoting their own policy on the intranet and appealing for them to fix the situation. We will see what happens I guess.