I am at that point again.
I am starting to feel confident in my back and my ability to do things (albeit extremely limited) without ‘danger’. This is the point at which I usually do something stupid and put myself back to square one. So how do I avoid that this time? How do I manage to finally get to a point where I can get over that minimal activity hump to be able to exercise regularly again. How, in fact, do I keep my stupidity (read: ego) in check and stick with the incremental improvements rather than trying to run before I can walk.

I am hoping that writing my shortcomings will achieve the necessary enlightenment. What are the odds?

So how are things? I have to admit that things, such as they are, are pretty good. I have settled into my coaching duties, having overcome that 10 minutes of blind panic before each class and am actually really enjoying myself. However, I am still painfully aware of the need to keep things progressing with their learning which in itself is a huge burden of responsibility. now I know how teachers feel…
Also, being a large man and not a father gives me a disadvantage. I can pick kids up by the feet, but don’t know if I am hurting them… However their sqeals of delight as I try to make them do handstands is just priceless.
Work is fine, still doing lots of wireless stuff and panicking a bit about our lack of perimiter security.
The house still needs more work, the grouting is STILL not finished and we still need carpet in the basement. It has been almost a year since the pipe burst into the basement and I haven’t soldered the joint yet. The really bad news is that they are palnning to build behind us which will effectively cut our lovely view in half. However, they are also planting hundreds of trees and leaving the pond as it is so that is not to bad. Of course it will cut our late evening sunshine which currently only serves to make it difficult to watch TV. Once the houses are up (they are high value executive townhouses) and the trees mature a bit I am sure it will make our little pond quite a delightful sanctuary.

I was at Costco last night and they have so much Christmas stuff it is insane. How is it possible that it is not even halloween yet and people are buying stupid wire snowmen to go on their lawns.