January 11, Tuesday.

Sticking to resolutions was never particularly difficult for me. I guess it is that structured time frame, the well defined rules and the very specific start date that appealed to me. So far, this year has been no different and this morning I found myself in front of the TV at 6am actually participating in a Yoga class. Now, for those of you who have never met me, this may be mildly amusing, being that men are not stereotypically the ones you would find in a Yoga class. For those of you who have met me and are aware of my, lets say, physical dimensions and occasionally far from gentle disposition this will be nothing short of interrupting cow kind of funny*. So there I was, barely 7 minutes in and already thinking I was going to pass out. It is not that is is particularly difficult technically, but when they ask you to stand there with bent legs and do all these twisting torso moves, the old bacon and eggs tend to get a little wobbly. However, I struggled through, if only to give me some measure of just how awful I am at the moment. I really should have made a videotape of myself, so I can send it into some unsuspecting infomercial telling them how I was like that until I tried their yoga tapes and now I am a pro and lost all this weight and saved the whales and freed Nelson Mandela… No wait.. It surely would be the only measure of vengeance we could exact on those midnight crap peddlers. But I digress… I have to admit is was interesting, the time flew by and I did feel very much looser and warmed up by the end of the half-hour. The only disconcerting thing was when I had to stretch back on my hands and knees almost like a cat stretch and then reach one hand under the opposing arm as if you were reaching for something over the other side of your body. I tried it the first time on my left side and as I reached under my arm my back cracked in 4 places kid of reminiscent of 4th of July firecrackers really…

On second thoughts, maybe my first day of Yoga should have been on a day when I wasn’t going to be coaching… Hmmm…

*The interrupting cow reference is to a joke I heard
not so long ago with which I was particularly taken:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow..