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Happy Anniversary to Us

Shocking as it is to many, not least of all the two of us, yesterday was a major milestone in Nicole and my ongoing relationship. It was 5 years ago that she finally gave in and went to dinner with me to Marche at Leslie and York Mills. That day started a long chain of weird and wonderful events that so far has had us both laughing, crying, loving and living together in perfect harmony. It has been a very tough 5 years in some respects, each of us adjusting to our own maturity and the responsibilities of being totally committed to each other. We have both changed significantly and we are both happy to say that we have changed together in a common direction. The only really scary thing about all this is that the next 5 years are going to bring massive change. We are both at the prime time for marriage and kids and no doubt as I write this now as a “single” person (as in not officially married) I am at the very end of my life in that respect. It will be funny to look back at this in January of 2011 (WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?) and see just how much life has changed.
Hang on, I smell a prediction coming on. Let’s just quickly paint a picture of life in 2011 (Is that right? That can’t be right!!).

Hi everyone, its a sunny day here in Eastern Australia as it is every day, I just got back from taking the kids for a walk, its amazing how fast Matthew is growing and little Jessica is already trying to get out and walk when we are at the beach in the morning. Nicole is getting big again now, I can’t believe that we are going to have our third child already. Who would have known 5 years ago that we would have been blessed with such wonderful healthy children. My parents are visiting us again next month so we are busy trying to get time off from work to hang out with them. It is a lot easier being in senior management than it was on the technical side, I am able to do so much more of my work while not being at the hospital. I have to run over to Tedder Avenue to get some fresh fruit so I will be back in a while and let you know how the purchase of our dream beach house is coming along… G’day everyone.

Maybe, who knows, and if not then maybe we will still be here, me working in management here at the hospital and Nicole working her business from home out of her slick home office caring for the very cute and well behaved children.

All I can say is that one thing is for sure, wherever we are we will surely be together.

Happy Anniversary baby, I love you!!!

Happy 2006 – For now it's still Christmas

What a quiet adventure this Christmas has been. It started off on the wrong foot with the salary review which basically was a kick in the chestnuts if you catch my drift. We proceeded along to a day of fun at the casino in Rama which is always entertaining and this time we took a day off work to do it. It was actually supposed to be the dayoff after the big staff Christmas party but since there was 2 feet of snow that night we never made it downtown after coaching. This was a marginal disappointment but gave us the chance to make an early start and have the friday to ourselves. Of course, this was December the 16th and we had done absolutely no Christmas shopping.
Actually, that is not striclty true because I am part of the population that relies on online shopping to overcome my procrastination and had already arranged for my family’s stuff to get shipped from The next event was a christmas party for Christine and the Pickering group which we deftly avoided using the “up at the cottage” excuse in an attempt to get Christine out on her won without her weird friends. As it turns out, I was not able to go for lunch with her either because of my server retirement so I am sure I used my last strike on that front.
The week before Christmas I was working a lot on the server side of things while everyone else in the department played video games, online poker and generally sat about doing nothing. This was largely in part due to the salary review which basically has everyone working at half speed which left me on my own to do the migration. Fun!!! We continued shopping, which basically turned into the same thing as usual, find as much stuff we like as possible and then figure out a way to justify paying for it. I am happy to say that we found a couple of things and the justifications were not far behind. One was a slot machine.. yes I know there is no way on earth to justify owning a slot machine other than to satisfy our irregular urges to go to the casino and throw our money into the bottomless pits of slot heaven. The other was more practical to a degree and that was a reclining couch, preferably a La-Z-Boy. They are hard to find in the restricted size that we were looking for given the smallish size of our living room. However a couple of days after Christmas we were in a small furniture store when we found the most wonderful microsuede coush with 2 recliners paired with what they call a chair-and-a-half. And believe me, it is just that. The CAAH also reclines almost completely horizontal and is WAY comfy! 🙂
But I digress… We went to Nicoles parents for Christmas and had a wonderful turkey dinner and opened some very generous gifts including a huge donation towards the aforementioned couches. The parents were well, glad to see us and in good spirits considering how her mum has been under the weather lately. We made the usual phone calls with thanks and greetigns during the day including word that Fiona and Gordon had had to postpone Christmas Dinner due to the immense amount of chocolate I sent them including a 2.5kg chocolate football (round that is). Apparenlty Santa didn’t bring them a fresh supply of will power for Christmas…
Boxing Day was Dad’s birthday but also a chance for us to get out of the house and do some serious unshopping… that is the kind of shopping where you see how much cheaper everythign is but decide not to buy it anyway. So we bought the sofas and the slot machine and I still can’t get my eye off a 32 inch TV for the basement workouts…
Things get a bit hazy after that until we went to Uxbridge for a very nice ore-New Years party and hors d’oevres. Jason and Judy were there and swore up and down that Jason had not done the cooking. They also noted that they would be in Australia the same time we are this year and so we will be able to hang out with them for a couple of days down under.