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Yeah, Whatever

July 31st 2006
Yeah, whatever. At least last week I got a small feeling of accomplishment while the Tim Horton’s and Pizza Pizza outlets were installed. It is really nice once in a while to get a project that is concrete with a short timeline… That and not having to deal with people inside the organization. All the connections got finished and I even had the cables run under the donut counter before they opened this morning. I have to say it is like the pope came to visit with the degree of excitement in the building when Tim’s opened this morining. I suppose in a way having Tims here is like having the Pope here, with the funny hats and the long line of followers. All we have to do now is to get the link between the sites working and move some hardware at our other location and the major projects will be over for a short while. Well, I say that but actually the single biggest project I ahve had in almost 6 years is almost upon us, the rebuilding of the main server room. But enough about work, lets discuss my absolute failure to control my weight again this summer since it seems that this will always provide me with volumes of excuses, reasoning, planning and motivation, none of which are any different than the last time but all of which serves to explain the inexplicable, why I am still overweight. Well, it’s really very simple, despite the 45 minutes of walking every day I am not doing any weights (until today at least). So today is day 1 of the 6 week “ready for coaching” diet that will culminate in my being light and fit and healthy for Sept 5th when we get back for day 1.
Yup, we’ll see how well I do this time. Maybe not hanging out on the couch each night may be a good idea too?

Kill Manchester

I don’t know what it is about them, maybe it’s the runoff from the manufacturing plants, maybe it’s the smog from the nearby steel mills but whatever it is, it makes traitors out of their footballers. Then again, maybe it’s a nefarious plan on behalf of Sir Alex”look at me I’m the king of football” Ferguson to make up for the fact that Scotland suck worse than a Dyson Vacuum. I am not sure, but whatever it is, I am convinced that Manchester United players should automatically be either banned form international competition or chemically castrated to control their tempers. Either way is good, I’m easy.
To vent my frustration, I started to put down the peel n stick tiles in the basement, and whoa! What a difference…