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Yes, she said.

Plants grow quicker if you feed and water them. Obviously, there is a point past which that becomes counterproductive. If you give them too much, they may never thrive. This weekend, you find yourself waiting for something to happen. You can only do a certain amount to hasten the process. But what steps you can take, you should. The right kind of effort, made in a sensitive way in an appropriate moment, will have an enormous impact. You will still need to be patient but for nowhere near as long.
August 25, 2006
Today you could pick up some intuitive impressions about other people, simon. Sometimes you are very tuned into your family members. You often understand just what your loved ones are feeling and thinking. This psychic side of you could be hyperactive today. You might be a little overcome with how much energy you are picking up from other people. Take care of yourself. Make time to relax and to unwind so that you don’t soak up too many vibrations!

Obviously a load of old crap then.

Today is the day Nicole said YES!!!

I was off work today trying to tie up soem loose ends at home and tidy the garage but by the time Nicole had been gone an hour I was fixated on some way not to have to wait until dinner in some cheezy (or not cheezy) restaurant to ask Nicole to marry me. So I came up with a pretty cool way to let her and half the neighbourhood know what my question was. I suspended a 7ft by 15ft tarp off the inside of the garage door and spray painted it with a huge red heart and in gold lettering it read “Will you marry me??”. It was hung in such a way that when she got home from work and opened the garage door to come into the house the huge banner would reveal itself until it filled the double garage with the most important question of my life…
..and it worked like a charm. I had also bought a dozen long stemmed roses to give her when I asked and she was just tickled when the enormous message was slowly revealed to her. I know it may not have been the most traditional way to do it, but in our lives we tend to do things a little differently than most, and impulsive kinda crazy stuff is our hallmark. Funnily enough, there was a guy standing in the driveway next door when she opened the door and commented that it was the first enegagement he had been to!
I guess it was more to the fact that we had been in possession of the ring for almost a week and she had been wearing it and having to go to work knowing that it was sitting at home when it should have been on her finger. It was not the surprise I had imagined, however it was more important I think that she got the ring she really wanted and that she can be proud of.

We are gathered here today…

We decided that we should meet at the restaurant, Masseys instead of going to the house to talk to Nicole’s Mum and Dad. I mean it was a little unorthodox anyway that Nicole was going to be there and so I figured that we may as well talk to them over dinner rather than standing in their kitchen. The plan was to order food, ask Nicole’s parents if I could marry their daughter and then eat my nachos. Unofrtunately, I had forgotten that Masseys has a habit of bringing your food just slightly before you are finished ordering and as such I had only just said the word nacho when Nicole’s Dad’s soup arrived… So much for timing.

So as the food arrived and Nicole and I kept looking at each other and giggling like six year olds I realized it was going to have to happen before they came back to get the plates, however much of a race that was going to turn out to be. However, with the nervous energy that was pervading our meal, Nicole and I dove headfirst into our food like it was the national eating championships. Seriously, it was nothing short of a feeding frenzy, cheese and chicken strips flailing around in a sauce covered carnival of madness. So much for that. So as I sat in front of my empty place setting, waiting for the humans to finish their food I fidgeted wtih my hands and looked around the room for an escape pod of some sort. As Nicole and I started to giggle uncontrollably again I finally blurted out that the reason Nicole was laughing so hard was that we had invited them there for a specific reason. By this time I think Nicole’s Mum had lost all the feeling in her hand from Nicole squeezing it so hard, but she was still able to ask if we were going to tell them the reason, to which I responded…


At least that is what it felt like. Roughly translated into English it was something along the lines of “I wanted to ask your permission and blessing to marry Nicole” at which point I almost got sunburn from Nicole’s face as she beamed at her parents waiting for them to speak. It did cross my mind to make a nervous joke about being a minister and marrying her to a rich businessman but I decided against it. Her parents stared in suspended animation for what seemed like forever until her mum finally said “That is the best news I have had in a long time”. And so it went, we spent the rest of the evening talking about how we found the ring, and how we had to smuggle it into the country and why she had already been wearing it and how come she wasn’t allowed to wear it now. Well, all that traditional stuff went out the window when we bought the ring together, considering I wasn’t going to be able to surprise her with it! Actually though, the defining moment of the whole process was when I agreed to buy it for her, I don’t think she was actually expecting me to. She stood in front of the counter, ring on her finger, crying and absolutely without the capacity to breathe. That was the moment that made it all worthwhile for me, after all, who wouldn’t want to leave their girlfriend speechless if they could.

Sorry, fiance.. 🙂

Walls are closing in…

Hahahah…. Just kidding, altough there is a sense of impending ‘something’ now that I know I am about to become a fiance for the first time. I am sure it will be a much greater sense of foreboding when the wedding is about to happen, and that I will no doubt go through the usual male recanting and resistance much like trying to get a cat to go into his cage to go to the vet… Even though we have been together almost 6 years there is still that sense of disruption you get whenever you pass a threshold, no matter how much you are prepared for it or how much you want it. The plan is to ask her parents this Thursday over dinner and then I will have to find a way to actually ask her at some point after that. It will have to be soon after since the gravitational attraction between a woman and her engagement ring is almost planetary…
So does this mean I am no longer single? Or am I in suspended animation, somewhere in the chasm between single and married. I am out on the prep table of life being tenderized before being thrown into the pot. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be many positive analogies for this?? It is not that I am not looking forward to being married, it is more like I have expected to be married my whole life so it is no big deal… At least intellectually it is no big deal. I suppose it is like being in a sitcom where you play the typical part of the resistant guy so that you can get some enjoyment out of the situation the way it has been portrayed over the years. In any case, in a few days this will all be behind us and all that will be different is that Nicole will have a ring on her finger with which to blind her friends. And no doubt I will receive commiserations and the usual depressing banter from the married men in the department about how I have given up my freedom and how my life is over as I know it… And I suppose it is, at least the single part of my life, of which I was only occasionally fond. So I can’t really say that is a downside. Check back with me closer to the wedding and we’ll see just how much of a blind panic I fly into.

Ring Ring

Well, as far as throwing a wrench in the works this one takes the cake. We were supposed to be going to Buffalo for a day to get some checp clothes for coaching and to get some American snacks that you can’t get here, notably white popcorn for Nicole. What we did instead was we went to Target and then to the Olive Garden and for dessert went and bought an engagement ring for Nicole. I know I haven’t mentioned it before and that is simply because it has been a big secret however I have been looking, sometimes with and sometimes without Nicole, for an engagement ring for about a year now. We found some nice ones, some expensive ones and looked into the quality of the diamonds and the types of settings and so on. We really only found a couple that we liked and so when we ran across a very nice three stone ring this weekend it seemed appropriate that we take the opportunity. The exchange rate is good and we didn’t have to pay taxes so the savings were enormous. The ring itself is really beautiful with 3 half carat stones set nice and low into a white gold band. The reason for the setting being so good was that we don’t really like the solitaire look and it has to be fairly close to the finger because of the risk of it getting stuck in some kid’s hair at coaching. It is the perfect ring for someone who is active enough to have to worry about that kind of thing. I mean it would not be good to have children going home with large diamond shaped dents in their faces would it? I am going to post a picture of it when I can, once this is posted live and the actual askinghas been done. See, we are in a weird position now, she had to wear it across the border and as any guy knows who has ever been ring shopping, once they get their fingers in there you can not pry it off… However, she had to take it off for work and we are now trying to get a time to sit down with her parents so I can ask her father if this whole marriage thinfg is OK with him. I know, a bit traditional, but that is just how I believe it should be.
Once he has agreed, I can arrange a nice time and place to ask her and then we can tell my parents and everyone at work. That, I am afraid, will be more attention that I really want to be honest, but I suppose you have to be gracious in sharing your good news with others… My parents are going to be SO happy!!

Meeting Time

Last night was our gym meeting, a welcome back to coaching get together where we see the co-workers and apparently hug the crap out of each other. It was fairly uneventful apart from the fashion faux pas that was the coordinator. It was a bit odd being back there again, it seemed like we had never left but at the same time felt like ages since we had seen any kids. The gym was about the same with some more mirrors missing, giving the place a rather dishevelled look. They have done some work on the website and produced a glossy brochure, however I am convinced they could have done better by making the place look a whole lot more professional. If I were a new coach, I would have thought it was kind of a rathole actually.
We got our instrucitons, siad hi to C and V and S, my CIT from last year and took off as soon as possible to get out of the stifling heat. Note to self, let Cheri know that we could actually fit 12 coaches on the benches in the waiting area where it is air conditioned.

The cat thread

Unfortunately I missed going to Penetang this weekend since Thunder apparently can’t keep from eating things he shouldn’t. Nicole noticed some thread on the floor inthe basement and wouldn’t you know Thunder decided it would make a great little snack. After the drama of last time, the stitches and the stress we decided I should stay home and monitor the poop and be there in case he had another intestine wrapup. After 48 hours on poop patrol I am happy to say that it looks like he will be fine. He thinks I am a weirdo now since I was following him around all weekend but at least he is none the worse for wear.
The upside of this is that I FINISHED THE KITCHEN!!!! Yes, it has only been about a year since we started but this weekend I finally finished the grouting and put the project to bed. I also managed to make Nicole her plate holder for the massive dinner plates that won’t fit in the cupboard. This is part of an ongoing trend of late that has seen me finishing what I had started. I managed to put down a peel and stick floor in the basement over top of the wooden subfloor which, coincidentally I finished just 2 days after Thunder got sick last year. We got the PNS tiles from Home Depot on sale for 1/2 price so that was a deal. Once the peel and sticks were down, I purchased some trim and baseboards and casing for the doors and finished the whole lot! So now the basement, along with Nicoles very tasteful paint job actually looks like a real room, at least until you get to the rubber mat flooring that makes up the gym part of the basement. The doors are all finished and trimmed out and all that remains in the basement is to paint the trim pieces. I am in two minds whether to baseboard above the rubber flooring or to leave it so that anyone who buys the house can trim it themselves if they choose not to keep the gym flooring.

My boss and junior nethead are away this week which means I will probably get quite a lot done and it should be fairly quiet.

I have also made some startling discoveries about this website… It was March 2003 the last time I posted more than 5 times in a month and in fact I spent most of 2003 not writing at all. For a quick review, the last time I posted 6 times was during SARS here at the hospital, or as we like to call it, the cesspool of infection… Now that is messed up. If I think of all the stuff that has happened since then that should have gone in here it is crazy… However, there are still the biggest stories yet to be written and they should all be happening soon so take your ringside seat and wait…