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Gym War

So on Tuesday we had a big blow up with one of the parents from gym regarding her kids behaviour. Apparently she is new to children and decided to believe everything her 13 year old was telling her rather than speak to another adult about it. She was very angry, which made me angry, which made her back down in the end. The kids are acting up again this year just like they do every year but this time it seems much worse becasue of the fact there are 10 of them. However, we have been given the green light to put our foot down so things are likely to get a lot worse before they get any better.
Work is no better nfortunately however I did manage to get the site to site VPN working, a brief write up of which I will put into the Tech Support section for future reference. The redesign of our space is also an ongoing issue, with my revised plans being used as a template for the expansion. How come I didn’t get paid the Inferiro Designer’s fee I am not sure but what I did learn is that interior design is certainly not rocket science. They had initially been given the request that our department needed more space, we were all crammed into a badly ventilated, smelly, rathole of a cube farm with 22 people in a basement room more appropriate for storage without any windows and had been here for 8 years. In a stroke of pure genius, they went to an interior designer who came back with a plan to stuff 40 people into the same space by reducing our workstation size to 5ftx5ft. They presented this “solution” to us knowing in fact that they had already failed to fit the requested 42(!!!!!!) people into the space however were banking on us accepting the challenge and being grateful for the change. So to sum up, we had asked for a larger space with better air quallity, less noise and possibly a window (the same as other departments had been given) and what we got was a 50% reduction in our space, twice the number of people and the requirement that we stay in the basement with the mice.
Not only was this unacceptable, it was downright insulting. However, some of my coworkers failed to see the problem with a 5’x5′ cube, until, that was, we built a 3d rendering of the “4pack” cube design and showed them. They were not amused to say the least. So in typical application team fashion, we formed a committee and started having meetings. I took it upon mself to take the CAD drawings and create some new space given the decision our committe had come up with that we needed to expand into our meeting and training room in order to give us the square footage we would require to be even vaguely comfortable. Those plans then were sent around and unwittingly became the case for our request for space… I then redesigned the space again with larger, more appropriately sized cubicles and still managed to squeeze us all in. It took about an hour and probably would have earned me several thousand dollars had I been in the employ of the professional fuckwits who did the design in the first place. UGH.

Wedding Planner

Nicole has undertaken this massive task being that she is really the one whoes opinion matters most but it has rapidly deteriorated into a mess of confusion and changing venues, methods and even countries. Add this to the stress of coaching and you could say that Nicole is having a hard time of late. The wedding plan as it stands today is the ceremony and reception in the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and then a cruise honeymoon around the Carribbean. This would take place next year, however the problem also is that the only time we can fit all these things neatly together is across Easter. So the wedding would be on Good Friday, which also happens to be Nicole’s birthday, and the rest of the trip following on from there. We did discuss the option of just doing everything, a WeddingMoon as they call it, aboard a cruise ship however that would be a Mediterranean Cruise and that is expensive for everyone. We can’t even agree on whether or not to have a reception here for everyone or just a casual get together at the Marchand Manor when we return. Needless to say, it is all incredibly stressful, especially for Nicole given that all I have to offer in the form of help is to tell her that whatever she wants is what we will do. I guess it is the whole male goal-oriented thing coming in to play. I mean for me as long as we achieve our goal, which is to end up married, I couldn’t really care where it happens. The details of the place and the people and so on are all just that, details. I mean of course I want my parents and hopefully Fiz and Gordon there and of course Nicole’s parents but beyond that my biggest concern is who is going to watch the cats.
Put me in a Tux and tell me where to stand and I will be there.
In other news, Gymnastics coaching is going OK, my rec group on Tuesdays are a handful since I am by myself with them but apart from that, the 10 competitive girls hasn’t been too bad. I have tried to be more organized and that is really 60% of the battle with these kids.
We put the roof on the Jeep this weekend which makes a world of difference in our quality of drive in teh morning, it is whisper quiet compared to having the soft top on. The weather is starting to turn colder and I think we are getting frost again this week like last so winter is truly on the doorstep. Now they are saying that we are supposed to have a mild winter, but I have more confidence in Thunder being able to play nintendo than the weather people so we will just have to see. I finished mixing the floor music this weekend too before we went to Hastings for Thanksgiving so hopefully the hard part of the floor scenario for me is done since it really is a task trying to get the music cut just right.
Yes, this weekend was Thanksgiving and still no word from Mike and Isabel about the engagement. No happy Thanksgiving wishes either, I think they may have disowned us. I have to get a really freaking cool Advent calendar this year for Julia since next year is her last year. I should probably start looking now. Thanksgiving was fun in Hastings, we got to meet Kim, the new girlfriend of Chris the hockey player. She seemed nice, tall and thin and a bubbly personality. We got walnuts thrown at us by a belligerant squirrel from the tree in the back yard which made things interesting albeit not as interesting as the desserts we were given by Khrystie who had made a pair of pumpkin cheesecakes. One with caramel topping which was very nice and one with Chocolate topping which tasted like dog food (me=not a chocolate fan). Then again, I am not a pumpkin produce fan by any means.
Oh and one more nugget of information, they have come with a proposal to answer our requests to move our department. You remember, the request that we get moved somewhere else with better HVAC, maybe even a window or two and more space since we are crammed in here like lab rats… Well, their masterful plan is to almost double the current staff, to keep us exactly where we are and to reduce everyone’s cubicle size to 5′ x5′. So small in fact that they are sprinkling filing cabinets around the office for you to keep your paperwork in. So small that the “architect” or “interior designer” as she called herself actually told us that if someone came to our cubicle for a conversation that we would have to leave and go to a meeting room to talk because there would not be room for more than one person in each cube. Where would this magical meeting space be I hear you ask? She didn’t have an answer for that one. The smallest cubes we have currently are 6’x6′ and they are woefully small but there are only 12 people in the open space of the room at this point. Their proposal is to put 40 people in the space by knocking down some walls and to give us all the option of having decorative cup holders in our cubicles.
I know what the inferior designer can do with her cup holder…