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Christmas Time!!

did 2 walks today, one this morning for 47 minutes up the hill and one for another 45 minutes this afternoon along the front with dad. Not much time for anything else really. Watched a good movie, the girl in the cafe tonight with bill nighy and some girl who looked like that girl from the Titanic or the other one, Kate Winslet.

up at 930 and had some breakfast, got the bird in the oven, well, mum did and we opened our presents. thank god they liked what we got them. Mum was especially happy with the purse and organizer, so we did well for another christmas. Now just waiting for lunch, it is too cold to walk today, it is only 3 degrees out and the Bise is blowing like crazy. we will have to see if it is too cold this aft.

Orange Eyes – Himalayan Blue

Sat 23rd
Woke up very sore again, had some breakfast and went out for my walk while Nicole went off for her run. I walked up the big hill to the traffic lights and then around and through the vineyards on the way back. It was 2.4 miles and took 45 minutes, a very good walk for me and one I think I will be duplicating as long as the weather stays nice. It was borderline too cold this morning. We met Fiz’s little pussycat friend this morning also, a very cute little gray cat who was extremely friendly and had the biggest orange eyes.

St Bernard Puppies!!!

I think I lost the 21st due to battery failure
today though we are going to see the doggies! YAY!
Yesterday I walked up to the cafe up the hill and it took 35 minutes Today I think I am going to try to wind my way back down a different way and it should be 2.4 miles.
We drove to Martigny to see the St Bernard dogs today, and once there had a very good lunch with fries that put McDonalds to shame, and that is really saying something. We also tried the Rosti which was great with smelly feet Gruyere cheese on top. YUM! We then wandered into the dog enclosure and were greeted by large glass encased pounds where the dogs are kept. They have nice runs outside and a dog door to leave as they please. In the main cage there was a pile of dog in one corner, actually a pile of puppy to be exact and laying in the middle looking extemely worn out was the mother. The heaving pile of puppy in the corner came to life an separated into 8 of the cutest little 6 week old St Bernard puppies you coulod imagine. Luckily for us, the handler was there and he went into the cage 3 times to get different pups for us to look at and pet. The fur was incredibly soft and of course they were so cute and cuddly, no teeth to really bite with and still with their baby fur. We wandered around the museum learning about the history of the monks and the pilgrims and how the dogs came to be the rescuers as they are known for but in the end we could not resist going back down to see the furry little critters one more time.
We got home before dark and dropped by the Co-op and the creme brulee store before getting in. I made dinner, swedish meatballs and spatzli and pasta for dad. Very tasty if I do say so myself!!

Wednesday Dec 20

Wednesday Dec 20th
Up at 9, went for a walk and did a 30 minute with an add on to the top roundabout.
Dad got home at 1130 we all had lunch and then went for a walk downtown while Niclole and I shopped for groceries. had coffee at Fredy’s and then went to the CAN, the Nestle store. Home at 5 ready to make dinner.

Tuesday Holiday Day

Tuesday December 19th
I got up at about 9, however my first eye opening was at about 7am when I really should have dragged my lazy butt out of bed. I had some muesli and then unpacked the suitcase, realizing that I had packed some of my worst possible clothing. Our first excursion with Mum took us to Placette where she went off to play bridge and we continued into the mall to look for clothes. Of course we found nothing but the odd dog and a mall full of fashionably dressed Europeans saying nothing but “pardon” to each other. We eventually made it to the restaurant on the top floor, a marche type place and sat and waited for Fiz and Gordon… and waited… and waited. Eventually we started to have lunch, a slice of pizza, a side of vegetables for Nicole and a chicken shnitzel with bean chili, green beans and roast potato for me. By the time we had finished and also devoured a piece of tarte a la creme we were conviced they were a no show. As we stood to leave, nicole spotted them coming in looking fairly fresh and worry free, however we were soon to learn that they had not been able to locate the car keys mother was supposed to leave for them and therefore had to get the train into town…
We departed so that F and G could do some grocery shoppng and Nicole and I could go and search for a patisserie that would have a slightly more creamy and less rubbery tarte a la creme. We wandered the block and found the last remaining slice of pie and ran back to the mall out of the cold. Now when I say cold I don’t really mean cold, I mean it was a little too brisk for me to be out in just a t-shirt however everyone else was bundled up like it was -25 outside. It was probably 1 or 3 degrees, perfectly normal weather for being out and about but the way people were scurrying about like ants you would think the deep freeze was here.
We met up with F and G again and grabbed the car (10CHF parking by the way) and drove home. Before dinner, we went for a quick walk, 17 minutes aroudn the block. Dinner was uneventful, we had chicken and of course pie. After dinner we did our workouts, the pushups and Nicole’s things that she got from her gym and then kicked back to watch some tv

Travel Day

Travel Day – Sunday 18th Dec to Monday 19th Dec 2006

We had all day Sunday to prepare, an idea that proved to be a magnificaent bonus for us since every other time we have come over here we have taken the early flight. Having the day to get read means you don’t forget stuff due to being too sleepy and you actually have time to relax and prepare yourself. We left at 345 in a limo driven by lurch’s taller younger sister and because it was Sunday night it only took us 40 minutes to get to the airport. We had alerady checked in, another time saving and extremely bright thing to do so all we had to do was drop the bags and we were done. So we made our way to Swiss Chalet, ironically, and had some chicken and scratched our bingo tickets. Time was really flying and so we decided to go straight through to the gates after dinner whcich was a good idea since it took us probably 20 minutes to get through. Even with this stringent, or apparently stringent search system they have I still managed to get 2 vials of cream and a large bottle of contact lens solution through the security people. We got to the gate as we were boarding and were very happy to find that once on the plane it was a new 777 and we had front row bulkhead seats in the World Traveller Plus compartment meaning we had leg room to die for. The flight was relatively uneventful, I watched Wicker Man with Nick Cage but I will have to watch it again to see the 40 minutes I fell asleep for in the middle. They didn’t provide me with my vegetarian meal, good thing I was faking or I would have thrown my organic hummus at them. Nicole got hers and it looked quite good, vegetarian penne with salad and crudites. We landed in London and had to change planes for the 1h10m flight from Heathrow to Geneva. The plane was much smaller however still larger than I recall the last Air Canada plane we were on. At this point, I think I realized very little could actually go wrong and promptly went unconscious for the entire flight. We arrived in Geneva at about 1130 am and our luggage was almost the first off the carousel. The weather was beautfiul, clear and sunny and about 3 degrees and not a spot of snow in sight. Mum was very happy to see us and it was really a relief to see her looking so good. In her haste to get us home she left the parking ticket in the machine but Nicole found it thankfully and we set off for home. It got late very quickly and although Fiz and Gordon’s flight was delayed by an hour it was very soon that they arrived at the station. So we were all finally here, the only person missing was the patient of the hour, Dad, who will be home on Wednesday to make the homecoming complete.
We made some mashed cauliflower with garlic (remember to cook the garlic next time) and mashed potato with roasted chicken for dinner. This was after our trip to the Co-op where we found that the GPS does work here and that they have TONS of Weight Watchers food in the supermarket all labelled with the point values which will make things much easier for us.