We have booked our flight and this year we will be celebrating Swissmas !!!
We will be spending 19 days away from Canada’s frozen tundra. As an aside, while I was away I had ADT install an alarm system at home which apart from Nicole setting it off yesterday has been excellent and a great source of comfort to us while we are out coaching. So now I am in a blind panic to lose as much weight as I can before the holiday and in true self-sabotage style so far this week I have had 2 pieces of carrot cake (one without icing – not my choice) a christmas snowman cookie and a mini Crispy Crunch. Not to mention the extra large portion of breakfast cereal I had this morning (even if it was All Bran Guardian).
I also realised that I am once again behind in my blog, to the degree that when I searched for KLM to see what we thought of the flight last time (2 years ago) there was no entry found. So I am committing to blogging my vacation this year with photos and everything…

I took down my latest calendar today and replaced it with a new one. It is a printed calendar that allows me just to colour dot days to let me know when I should be doing things but also with just enough space for a couple of words in case something significant happens. This is what you have missed so far according to the wall:
June 4th went to street fair in Aurora
June 5th to the dentist (and I weighed 276)
June 13th back to dentist
June 15th went to see Cousin Davey and AFI at Guverment
June 20th last day of competitive coaching
June 22 were forced to clean our cubicles
June 24/25 wedding (I think Blair and KhYrrysTiTIIEs)
June 27 off sick
July 3 Weighed 272
July 14 Finished Wireless Criteria paper
July 24 Weighed 266 and the new Caf with Tims and Pizza Pizza opened. This was a big day since I had done all the work for the POS units and the cameras etc.
July 25 and 26 I went to Branson for link testing
July 30 to Alletas at noon
July 31 back at Branson
Aug 2 Layer 227 here to help with Branson link (contivities)
Aug 4 day off
Aug 7 day off
Aug 8 met with Peter (Giffels) and supposed to move Accelar
Aug 9 back at Branson
Aug 11 – 13 supposed to be at Penetang with nicole but stayed home and monitored Thunder and his poop to see if he relly had eaten more thread. Results inconclusive but Thunder now is very suspicious of me.
Aug 14 projected to have weighed 257. Actual 269
Aug 17 Coaches meeting
Aug 19 and 20 Buffalo and ring buying
August 25th Asked Nicole to marry me, she said yes!
August 27th 5k race we “ran”
Sep 2 to 5 Off
Sept 5 1st day of coaching
Sept 9th Another Wedding – Kim and Trevor
Sept 16th Cerner upgrade weekend – 6pm to 2am upgrading PC’s
Sept 23 supposed to be Pickering Aerials Party but we went to Scarborough Boston Pizza instead with the famous 5 gym girls and their other halves.
Sept 24 Went to see boats for the reception
Sept 25 – 28 Off Sick (Flu)
Nov 8th to 17th Off with back problems