Shocking as it is to many, not least of all the two of us, yesterday was a major milestone in Nicole and my ongoing relationship. It was 5 years ago that she finally gave in and went to dinner with me to Marche at Leslie and York Mills. That day started a long chain of weird and wonderful events that so far has had us both laughing, crying, loving and living together in perfect harmony. It has been a very tough 5 years in some respects, each of us adjusting to our own maturity and the responsibilities of being totally committed to each other. We have both changed significantly and we are both happy to say that we have changed together in a common direction. The only really scary thing about all this is that the next 5 years are going to bring massive change. We are both at the prime time for marriage and kids and no doubt as I write this now as a “single” person (as in not officially married) I am at the very end of my life in that respect. It will be funny to look back at this in January of 2011 (WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?) and see just how much life has changed.
Hang on, I smell a prediction coming on. Let’s just quickly paint a picture of life in 2011 (Is that right? That can’t be right!!).

Hi everyone, its a sunny day here in Eastern Australia as it is every day, I just got back from taking the kids for a walk, its amazing how fast Matthew is growing and little Jessica is already trying to get out and walk when we are at the beach in the morning. Nicole is getting big again now, I can’t believe that we are going to have our third child already. Who would have known 5 years ago that we would have been blessed with such wonderful healthy children. My parents are visiting us again next month so we are busy trying to get time off from work to hang out with them. It is a lot easier being in senior management than it was on the technical side, I am able to do so much more of my work while not being at the hospital. I have to run over to Tedder Avenue to get some fresh fruit so I will be back in a while and let you know how the purchase of our dream beach house is coming along… G’day everyone.

Maybe, who knows, and if not then maybe we will still be here, me working in management here at the hospital and Nicole working her business from home out of her slick home office caring for the very cute and well behaved children.

All I can say is that one thing is for sure, wherever we are we will surely be together.

Happy Anniversary baby, I love you!!!