..so then I said “only if you hold my fish!”

Things are things, I suppose they are always moving along but they seem to get more and more diverse and bizarre as time goes along.
It is almost time for the end of the training season at the gym and the girls have really done very well again this year. We were apparently at risk of not having a group next year, but now it seems there are many girls who want to return and a bunch of people who are being funneled our way. This could be results driven, but I think more than likely it is the effectiveness of having 2 fully qualified coaches with such diverse approaches to gymnastics that is the deal sealer. Apparently I am the “bad cop” in the scenario, and I am happy to fulfil that role as long as the kids understand the importance of disciplining themselves. The results this year speak for themselves with a handful of 1st All Around and a whole lot of top three finishes in the various events. Sadly we have had some painful issues this year, one girl breaking her wrist and then after returning breaking her ankle.. neither of them at the gym. Another girl hyperextended her knee while dancing and against my advice went to play soccer and broke her leg. So there have been some trials but mostly there have been triumphs.
Speaking of success, I have been working with a girl in the office to help her lose some weight, she has literally become the talk of the town since dropping upwards of 30lbs on the Simon System. Now if I could only do that for myself I would be fine… Damn shoemakers shoes.
I mentioned that we had been to Australia again this year and although not feeling as enchcanted as last time we were both still completely enamoured once again with the country and the thought of living there. It was a little different feeling this time since half my mind was critical of everything in order to try to get a realistic view of the potential of moving there. I have to say that regardless of how we felt, getting back to -30 degree weather really drove home the point of wanting to leave this god forsaken place.
Speaking of the weather, we have been struggling to get out of winter lately and then all of a sudden last week we were thrown into 30+ degree heat. Now it is not the heat that is the problem, we had a Heat Advisory due to the temperature of 36, an Air Quality Advisory and a Smog Advisory which means they recommend that you stay indoors. Couple this with a Humidex advisory which took the temperature up to 42 degrees and you can see why we are not keen to stay. 6 months of the year it is too cold to leave the house and nowadays the other 6 months the air quality makes it equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day every time you go out.
Speaking of smoking… They have just passed a new law in Ontario banning smoking in all public places. Small victory I feel however something that is long overdue. The really bizarre turn of events now makes it illegal to smoke anywhere indoors except in long term care facilities. So let me get this straight, you can only smoke where you are already under constant medical supervision. That’s my tax dollars at work again… I guess you can call it voluntary euthanasia but still, what kind of mixed signals are we sending. And for those really desperate, there is still one Health Care Institution in Penetang where you can smoke, it is the mental health hospital if you can believe that.
As far as work is concerned, we are restructuring with a new director and 2 new manager hires. I will never agree with the structure they are attempting to put in place, we will just have to see what I think of the hires… fingers crossed.