Well, as far as throwing a wrench in the works this one takes the cake. We were supposed to be going to Buffalo for a day to get some checp clothes for coaching and to get some American snacks that you can’t get here, notably white popcorn for Nicole. What we did instead was we went to Target and then to the Olive Garden and for dessert went and bought an engagement ring for Nicole. I know I haven’t mentioned it before and that is simply because it has been a big secret however I have been looking, sometimes with and sometimes without Nicole, for an engagement ring for about a year now. We found some nice ones, some expensive ones and looked into the quality of the diamonds and the types of settings and so on. We really only found a couple that we liked and so when we ran across a very nice three stone ring this weekend it seemed appropriate that we take the opportunity. The exchange rate is good and we didn’t have to pay taxes so the savings were enormous. The ring itself is really beautiful with 3 half carat stones set nice and low into a white gold band. The reason for the setting being so good was that we don’t really like the solitaire look and it has to be fairly close to the finger because of the risk of it getting stuck in some kid’s hair at coaching. It is the perfect ring for someone who is active enough to have to worry about that kind of thing. I mean it would not be good to have children going home with large diamond shaped dents in their faces would it? I am going to post a picture of it when I can, once this is posted live and the actual askinghas been done. See, we are in a weird position now, she had to wear it across the border and as any guy knows who has ever been ring shopping, once they get their fingers in there you can not pry it off… However, she had to take it off for work and we are now trying to get a time to sit down with her parents so I can ask her father if this whole marriage thinfg is OK with him. I know, a bit traditional, but that is just how I believe it should be.
Once he has agreed, I can arrange a nice time and place to ask her and then we can tell my parents and everyone at work. That, I am afraid, will be more attention that I really want to be honest, but I suppose you have to be gracious in sharing your good news with others… My parents are going to be SO happy!!